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The Sausage Man launches the optimum grab and go sausage solution with Sausage2Go

The Sausage Man’s Sausage2Go unit presents the perfect hot-hold solution for caterers wishing to offer premium hot dogs as a quick serve or grab and go option. Sausage2Go couldn’t be easier to use and where kitchen facilities or staffing numbers are limited, it is a particularly useful piece of kit. No catering experience or skills are required to operate the unit and simple, user-friendly, control panels – set over individual zones – can be independently used to allow greater energy efficiency.

The Sausage2Go unit is made by Flexeserve, specialists in hot-holding, flexible merchandising solutions, facilitates the latest ground-breaking patented air recirculation technology, retaining heat without over-cooking for perfect food condition, superior flavour and texture and no moisture loss throughout the day – no soggy tops or solid bottoms, just plump and juicy Sausage Man hotdogs in a perfectly fluffy St Pierre Brioche bun!

Hot Dogs are a well proven menu choice as they appeal to all ages, are simple to serve and easy to eat, require no real kitchen support, provide good value for the consumer and a great profit-making opportunity for operators.

Charles Coleman, Sales Director says: “Sausage2Go is a premium concept that will increase spend, dwell time and customer satisfaction, whilst driving incremental margin.

“Product quality is extremely important to the market; the Sausage2Go unit delivers a high quality product, at speed, to customers with little or no upfront investment* from the operator. The offer is scalable, from both the size of unit and size of establishment perspective.

Suitable for a wide variety of hospitality businesses, the unit enables operators to serve premium, authentic German sausages to customers with minimal labour costs at pace during peak periods, without compromising on quality. Requiring only minimal food preparation space, it’s safe and simple to use even for unskilled staff and is ready to serve in minutes.

By using our superior, authentic German sausages, gourmet St Pierre Brioche Baguettes and cutting-edge, heat-keeping technology, Sausage2Go provides instant premium food options that hold exceptionally well for a long period of time. Sausage2Go delivers a fantastic product that tastes as good as it did when first packed, even hours after packing, which keeps customers coming back for more!

We recently demonstrated the concept at a series of trade shows and the resounding feedback was that operators loved the quality of our product and were amazed by the quality of serve from the hot-holding unit. Our aim is to revolutionise the way people think about grab-and-go food. Too many comparative products force you into a trade-off between quality and convenience, but at The Sausage Man we know this doesn’t need to be the case.”

*Sausage2Go units are available free on loan directly from The Sausage Man with minimum order quantities, terms and conditions apply.

For product information, inspirational recipes and to find your foodservice distributor go to, email or call 01322 867060

• The Sausage2Go unit is available on loan directly from The Sausage Man

• Two tier bartop Sausage2Go units are available in 884mm height/356mm width/66omm depth or 884mm height/975mmwidth/660mm depth. Free standing units available in various sizes

• The Sausage Man UK Ltd is a UK based supplier of high-quality German Sausage and other speciality foods and drinks, they have been importing premium sausages and other speciality foods from Germany since 2005. Having provided wholesale products to foodservice for over 15 years, The Sausage Man opened up a retail offering in 2020, and now delivers authentic German products directly to consumers across the UK

• Exceeding sales of 10 million sausages per year in 2021 with revenue of £4.5m in 2018/19 and £5m in 2019/20

• Foodservice customers include wholesalers, pubs, restaurants, caterers, beer gardens and hot dog stalls. The products are also served at all major events in the UK including Glastonbury, Winter Wonderland and Luna Cinema, as well as Christmas Markets across the country, and the German Embassy in London is a regular customer!

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