This is where Brits can get the cheapest takeaway pizza in the country

Number-crunching prices around the UK reveals that the best value

city to order takeaway pizza in is Leeds.

12 inch pepperoni pizzas cost around £6.67 in the northern city, nearly £3 less than the national average, which is around £9.15.

As expected, pizzas in London cost the most at £13.83, closely followed by Cambridge (£13.66) and Swansea (£13.09).

Other cities that offer the best value pizzas include Preston (£6.75) and Wolverhampton (£6.83).

Penny pinchers at have crunched the numbers to reveal the average cost of seven takeaway favourites across the United Kingdom including pizza, fish and chips, and fried chicken.

The team used delivery apps to look at the prices of best rated takeaways for each cuisine in 40 cities across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The data reveals that across all food types, the most expensive places to order takeout are London (av. £9.65 per meal), Cambridge (av. £9 per meal) and Aberdeen (av. £8.77 per meal).

At the other end of the scale, Wolverhampton offers the best value takeaways across the board, with the average meal costing just shy of £6 (£5.94). Hull comes close second (av. £6.17 per meal) and Preston third (av. £6.25 per meal).

Leeds is the cheapest place in the UK to order a 12 inch pepperoni pizza (av. £6.67). Preston and Wolverhampton also offer great value, with hungry locals being able to order the same meal for less than £7.

Brits recently voted Chinese as their preferred takeaway. Fans of the Asian cuisine should consider a trip to Sheffield or Norwich to bag the cheapest Chicken Chow Mein, with average prices sitting at around £5.30.

Aside from Cambridge, where a Chicken Chow Mein costs a whopping £8.23, Birmingham and Brighton are the second most expensive places, with residents having to splash out up to £7.75 per dish. To compare, the national average is £6.43.

Hull is the second cheapest place overall to grab a takeaway, with each meal costing an average of £6.17. It is also home to the nation’s cheapest fish and chips, where a portion costs just £5.12.

This means that people in London are paying over double for the same fishy dish (£12.37), with Bristolians coughing up the second most (£10.08).

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