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When the local competition is tough, you need to make sure your business stands out! Do it by serving fries that stay crispy and keep your customers coming back for more.

McCain SureCrisp™ fries give you the edge in delivery with our unique clear coating, you can extend your delivery zones with fries that turn up crispy every time, creating the happiest customers*:

  • Stays crispy for up to 20 minutes in a closed delivery bag*

  • Unique clear coating

  • 100% British potatoes

Atif Ali Owner of Chilli Flames Leicester says, “Chips are our biggest seller, McCain SureCrisp™ goes with all our meals and products, and is one of the most important things on the menu. Using a product that is right for our customer and us is essential.

We have done a lot of research into this side of the business and competitors who are not using SureCrisp™ chips, find that the customers are not as happy.”

We recently had our own dedicated episode on Channel 4’s ‘Inside the Superbrands’ programme (Available to watch on All 4).

As you will see in the programme, McCain GB is the UK’s largest buyer of British potatoes, and we are all about supporting British farmers and sustainably sourced produce.

With 60% of people finding “British produce” to be more appealing now than prior to the pandemic**, we know how important it is to support local, and with sustainability at the heart of our purpose at McCain, we are committed to pushing forward with our sustainability strategy. This includes:

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