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Ovation Outdoor launches Grizzly Commercial Oven

In a move that has the potential to open-up solid fuel cooking to chefs across the industry, Ovation Outdoor has announced the launch of the Grizzly Commercial charcoal oven – hitting the market at a remarkably modest price point.

Manufactured in Sheffield, UK, by a team of highly skilled craftspeople, the Grizzly Commercial is a versatile charcoal or wood-fired oven. Available in a choice of three contemporary colours, black, red, or grey, the oven is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, where the hardwearing enamel finish provides protection from the elements. It is this versatility and standout design that ensures the oven will become the mainstay of many kitchens, allowing an operator to deliver a showstopping barbecue menu to their customers.

From grilling, baking and slow roasting, to hot and cold smoking, the Grizzly Commercial brings flexibility to a professional kitchen. The closed nature of the cooking chamber, combined with two manually operated air vents achieves precise temperature control. This precision allows to be used to cook even the most delicate items, such as fish or vegetables, while the combination of the closed oven and controllable air flow also facilitates low charcoal consumption.

“For many, solid fuel cooking is the holy grail of the culinary world. Taking raw ingredients and cooking them directly over hot embers is a skill, which, when done correctly, creates a unique aroma and colour to the foods. The closed nature of the chamber also generates the perfect conditions needed to lock in the natural flavours of the ingredients, achieving a wonderful texture.

Made in the UK, designed with a focus on detail and manufactured to a high spec, the Grizzly Commercial Oven delivers the benefits of existing professional charcoal ovens, but at a fraction of the cost of the market-leading appliances. In fact, the Grizzly Commercial is available with a list price from just £2,535+VAT – making it affordable for many.”

Simon Tappenden, Managing Director of Ovation Outdoor, UK agent for the Grizzly Commercial Oven

Suitable for cooking at temperatures of between 100°c - 350°c, monitored via a built-in thermometer, the Grizzly Commercial is fast, simple, and easy to use. Designed as a table-top appliance, an optional stand with locking wheels allows the oven to be freestanding where required. A robust 10mm solid cooking grid which ideal for searing, comes as standard, along with a slow roasting shelf with collection tray, a smoker tray, and a heat deflection plate for cooking over indirect heat. With a fire-up time of just 45 minutes and a burn-time of up to 12 hours from one load, the Grizzly Commercial oven is more than capable of withstanding the demands of even the busiest kitchen service.

Priced competitively at just £2,535+VAT and backed by a 12-month warranty, the oven is set to introduce the world of solid fuel cooking to even more foodservice operators.

For further information on the new Grizzly Commercial, please visit www.grizzlycommercial.co.uk or call

+44 (0) 1295 236 112

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