Unleash the Quiche!

Pidy’s secret recipe creates the ultimate quiche case

February 2021 - Belgian ready-to-fill pastry specialist Pidy has introduced the ultimate pastry case for creating quiches for every occasion. The individual quiche cases (8,5 x h 2,1cm) have a crisp, flaky texture and neutral flavour which perfectly complements seasonal, savoury fillings of all-kinds, from fool-proof quiche Lorraine through to more adventurous creations.

The secret to Pidy’s perfect quiche cases is the pressed puff pastry (rough-puff) which is made from a traditional Dutch method unique to Pidy. This achieves the perfect texture that ensures the pastry stays firm when cold with no unwanted sogginess due to excellent moisture resistance. This will undoubtfully provide peace of mind for foodservice professionals preparing ahead of time or offering a takeaway or delivery service.

Operators continue to be met with many challenges due to Covid-19, such as running kitchens with reduced staff or closing temporarily at short notice, which is why versatile long-life products, like Pidy pastry, are so invaluable.

The quiche cases can simply be re-baked with different fillings, topped with potato or puff pastry lids or even filled and then frozen for preparing in advance.

Fabien Levet, Commercial Manager at Pidy UK, comments on the company’s signature rough-puff recipe: “What makes the pastry used for our quiche cases so special is the traditional rough-puff recipe which creates just the right amount of crisp flakiness and all-important crunch whilst still holding up well to all kinds of fillings. As we approach spring, quiches are a menu staple that are easily adaptable, and we’re delighted to make customers lives that little bit easier with our ready-to-fill quiche cases!”

As a global leader in ready-to-fill pastry since 1967, Pidy continues to develop new products that provide exceptional quality, variety and trend-setting innovation in the exciting culinary art of pastry. The Pidy quiche range includes a selection of sizes and is available in a vegan, gluten-free and wholemeal pastry to offer customers even more flexibility. All Pidy products are ambient and the quiche cases have a 12-month shelf life.

For more information on the Pidy range, please visit www.pidy.co.uk or call 01604 705666.

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