Vizu Fast Serve - The right rear service counter for you

The rear service counter in a quick-service restaurant is the focal point of the business, the point where the kitchen meets the customer. They provide a single location where the restaurant displays and holds product, packaging, drinks and desserts for immediate sale. A rear service island should be well designed, a place for everything and everything in its place, aesthetic as they represent the brand and its values, and ergonomic, making staff efficient and reducing service times.

The Vizu Fast Serve System is based on 50 years of design and QSR experience and can help you deliver the customer experience your customer deserves. The modular system comprising 600mm wide or 300mm wide offers units with different functions, such as cup and lid holders, ice bins, storage for packaging and buckets, or condiment storage. We can even leave a space for under counter fridges or freezers. Simple units at the rear provide additional storage in the kitchen.

A fast serve island can be individually tailored to your needs, a small island may be as small as 1200mm x 900mm with larger counters measuring three or even four meters wide and 1200mm deep.

Our design team can identify the precise units and build the counter to your specifications; our team of skilled installers can install on-site in hours, getting your business back up and running quickly.

However big your rear service counter is, the strong construction will be ideal to comfortably support the weight of the biggest burger chutes or chicken displays and countertop shake machines. The ability to add additional units means that it can grow and change with your business. The 100mm service channel allows for services to be safely joined to the equipment. Designing and building your fast serve counter means we can ensure that installation is easy, with pre-punched access holes for services.

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