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World first from Fri-Jado with launch of Space Saver auto-clean rotisserie and display cabinet

The all-new Space Saver from Fri-Jado truly brings the customer closer to the food than ever before, offering theatrical cooking performance, best-in-class visibility, and exceptional performance. This newly developed unit is the world’s first rotisserie with a heated self-service display cabinet, helping operators simplify their hot food offering and getting customers even closer to the action!

Versatility and flexibility are truly central to the Space Saver as the rotisserie offers operators the opportunity to expand menus beyond traditional options. Whilst already well known for the theatre of delicious chicken, the Fri-Jado Space Saver can be used for a diverse range of dishes, including alterative roasted meats including pork joints, as well as vegetarian and even dessert options. Customers will enjoy seeing the breadth of range, and with the added convenience of the self-serve display cabinet the space saver can help operators and retailers really make food the hero of their site.

The Space Saver combines the very latest roasting and holding technology in one compact unit to offer a compelling complete solution to operators. Combining key functions in a single, compact footprint unit of just 1m2, both maximises floor space and simplifies in-store operation. The unit also features exceptional thermal performance and incorporates Hot Blanket Technology delivering up to 50% energy savings versus previous units, as well as precision temperature control variable by shelf to ensure you can hold food at the best temperature for longer, Finally, in-unit LED shelf lighting showcases the contents in the best possible way, attracting customers and boosting overall sales.

Alternatively, the Space Saver Premium features all the above industry-leading functionality but adds the TDR 5S auto-clean rotisserie unit. This unit includes an integrated drain pump and grease tray alongside all necessary internal connections and piping, as well as the ability to re-stock the unit from the rear (exclusive to the Space Saver Premium) The rear load capacity improves re-stocking and unit management as well as helping create seamless in-operation performance and ensures nothing disrupts the brilliant visual showpiece of the hot food being both roasted and held for customers.

For added convenience, the unit doesn’t require a wastewater connection and can be easily drained into an optional wastewater trolley for total simplicity and security of cleaning and maintenance. All cleaning can be pre-programmed to take place overnight minimising downtime and making clean-up easy and better able to suit the needs of individual stores.

The unit has been developed in line with user feedback and with simple, intuitive controls, the rotisserie units can be operated by any member of the team using pre-set programmes for consistently high performance and brilliantly cooked final product. The pioneering design features double-pane glass on each side for maximum visibility and heat retention, ensuring that the product inside not only looks irresistible but is served in optimum condition and kept hotter for longer. Alongside all of this, every Fri-Jado appliance features industry-leading energy efficiency technology maximising the energy used, and the Space Saver includes exceptional hot air recirculation technology helping contribute to those 50% energy savings.

On the launch of the Fri-Jado Space Saver, Gary Thacker, Sales Director of Fri-Jado UK comments:

“Consumers eat with their eyes more and more these days. From Instagram food influencers to Tik Tok trends, at Fri-Jado we know that food needs to be the core focus of everything that we do. The new Space Saver unit truly maximises all these values in a single compact unit – creating genuine in-store theatre, encouraging aromas and helping boost sales. With the auto clean function built into the Space Saver Premium we are helping remove the challenges some retailers face with these units and making it as simple as possible to own, operate, clean, and maintain the unit. It really couldn’t be simpler to help boost hot food sales with the Space Saver range. Our team has also worked tirelessly to ensure that these are some of our more energy efficient appliances ever, recirculating the existing hot air to ensure much reduced energy consumption helping to reduce costs and minimising the operator’s environmental impact. The Space Saver range is a feat of innovative engineering delivering the opportunity to any store or outlet nationwide to offer fresh and delicious rotisserie cuisine with simplicity, convenience and performance all delivered by Fri-Jado.”

For more information on the innovative new Space Saver Premium or Space Saver, or to find out about the services offered by Fri-Jado, please visit or call +44 (0)189 527 2227.


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