Wrapping Up The Changes

One of the things we at It’s a Wrap love most about the hospitality industry is the creativity it encompasses. Whether it’s compiling mouth-watering menus, devising sumptuous cocktails or designing the look and vibe of a new dine-in venue, the people in the industry are imaginative and resourceful. Never has this ability to create and reinvent been more vital than in 2020 when the industry as we knew it, was forced to close its doors

As a packaging supplier, we experienced the cessation of orders as the first lockdown hit and the industry reflected on events. However, it was incredible how rapidly businesses began to refocus and look for ways to keep running. Within weeks we were seeing take-out and postal options popping up everywhere, highlighting the industry’s brilliance and ability to adapt.

Now some eighteen months later we’re still seeing an increase in the number of businesses offering take out, online or make-at-home options and these solutions have proven a lifeline for companies who rely on dine-in or events such as food markets and festivals to provide them with customers. However, there is a downside. When consumers switch to online or remote shopping, they lose the full brand experience of walking through a store and interacting with brand ambassadors - something even the most creative website can’t remedy. Brand messages can be lost without face-to-face interaction and the ability to build loyal customers is reduced.

Brand Communication Is Key

Packaging and its design allow businesses to communicate with their audience in these circumstances and help customers experience products and brands – even if they are sheltering at home. Packaging becomes a fundamental part of your customers’ sensory, buying experience. The more memorable and enjoyable the experience, the more likely they will order again.

Mike Clarke, Sales Director of JR Press, the company behind It’s a Wrap explains “We’re receiving more and more feedback from retailers who realise the importance of the unboxing experience. Adding intentionally branded touchpoints such as branded greaseproof paper elevates both the look and feel of a product and helps to create that sense of anticipation and value which consumers desire. More importantly it ensures an experience that consumers want more of and can’t wait to tell their friends about.”

A Sociable Side

The most popular way for consumers to recommend a good purchase is via social media. Food photos dominate the likes of Instagram and TikTok and getting your brand included in customer posts is a smart advertising opportunity.

Emily Davies, owner of Stag Bites The Hog, a mobile food truck based in Alloa, tells us “Social media is a huge thing now and people are constantly uploading images of what they’re eating. Sadly, they don’t necessarily mention where they purchased the food from! We saw the importance of ensuring our food was served with our logo and felt branded greaseproof was the perfect solution. Now our branding is seen by all the people who see those photos!”

She adds “We rely heavily on social media for our orders and there’s no doubt that having our brand alongside our food has helped people discover us. At such a competitive time it’s been vital to stand out from the crowd.”

Environmentally Conscious

Consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious and seek out ways to make a positive impact on the world around them. Whilst packaging might not be the biggest source of environmental problems, it is one of the most visible. With thousands of tons ending up in landfill every year, switching to sustainable and biodegradable options is not only an obvious step towards protecting our planet, but it’s also important for your business reputation. A 2020 study by Trivium reports that 74% of consumers would be willing to pay more for products that used environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. With numbers like that, making the switch to eco-friendly packaging not only makes environmental sense, it also makes business sense.

Mike explains why the environmental impact of the disposable food packaging industry is something It’s a Wrap takes seriously. “We care about how our products are disposed of, as well as how we manufacture and distribute them. We ensure our manufacturing methods are efficient and cause the least environmental impact possible. The materials we use are responsibly sourced (PEFC and FSC approved) promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. With regards to disposal, all our greaseproof paper is certified as recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.”

Branding For All

At it’s a Wrap we believe adding branding to your sales shouldn’t be difficult and it’s our passion to help businesses of all sizes brand like the big guys. Ensuring we meet the needs of our customers is vital and that’s why we continue to offer low minimum orders, fast lead times, a free in-house design service and global delivery. The last year has been unbelievably tough for everyone but we’re proud of the way the hospitality industry continues to adapt.

For more information visit www.printedgreaseproof.com or contact itsawrap@jrpress.co.uk

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