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The Next Generation of High-Speed Ovens.

GUILDFORD, UK – September 2022 Hot on the heels of the Merrychef conneX® 12 launch earlier this year, Merrychef is set to transform the high-speed oven sector again with the breakthrough conneX® 16. Boasting a large 16” cavity in just an 18” wide footprint, the larger sibling in the conneX range comes fully connected, with a state of the art 7” high definition screen and cook times 80% faster than traditional methods. With its larger internal cavity, the new conneX® 16 has the flexibility to ‘batch’ cook to hold popular food items, helping operators to handle busy trading periods with ease speeding up order delivery and reducing queues.

Colin Lacey, VP and Managing Director of Merrychef sees the oven opening up high speed cooking to even more venues:

“The conneX® 16 once again breaks new ground in the high-speed oven sector. Addressing sector demands for space, speed and ease of use, its game changing size and out of the box connectivity, sets the conneX® 16 apart from any other equipment available. To have a 16”x16” cavity in an oven that is just 18” wide and which can sit on a 700mm counter top is an industry first and opens up significant new opportunities for operators across many sectors.”

With Wi-fi and ethernet connectivity as standard, uploading menus can now be done simply at the touch of button. A 12-month free subscription to the powerful and market leading Welbilt KitchenConnect® ecosystem, provides operators with a full range of monitoring and diagnostic information, and the ability to remotely push menus to their ovens.

Easy to install, with energy saving efficiencies, the conneX® 16 features quick pre-heat and cool down times and reduced energy in standby. Steve Hemsil, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at Welbilt, believes the larger model expands the capabilities of the high-speed ovens category:

“The new conneX® 16 allows the operator to cook more food at the same time. Whether that’s 4x paninis in 1 minute, fish fingers and fries in 110 seconds or a 16” pizza in just 90 seconds, the greater capacity and rapid cooking times makes the conneX® 16 a ‘must have’ piece of equipment for operators looking to speed up serving times, reduce queues and maximise profit.”

The Merrychef conneX® range features two high-speed ovens, the conneX® 12, available in standard or high-power versions and boasting a 12” cavity in a 14” width oven and the conneX® 16 with its revolutionary 16” cavity in an 18” width oven – the smallest footprint to cavity ratio available.

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