Take the Tank Mobile Kiosk to where the market is!

Next day catering supplier Nisbets, has added the innovative Tank Mobile Kiosk to its’ extensive portfolio of high quality catering equipment. Ideal for mobile caterers, or those that want the flexibility to move a unit to different areas of a site, the Tank Mobile Kiosk is a self-contained unit from where you can serve a variety of food and drink including coffee, sandwiches, hot snacks, ice creams and cold beverages, to name a few.

Its innovative design incorporates fully integrated services including hot and cold water, waste, filtration, plumbing, sinks, halogen lighting, power management, guttering and even a CD player, radio and speakers. It comes complete with a refrigerator, dry storage cupboard, cash drawer, and customer service shelf to ensure that everything you could possibly need is on hand.

The highly-mobile design of the Tank Mobile Kiosk has been created to fit through standard doorways and into most service elevators, so it can be easily relocated with minimal effort, ensuring you can take the kiosk to where the market is, without committing to expensive real estate, set-up or fit-out costs.

Its clever design means you can take your business to your customers, whether they are in a sporting arena, at a market, at a school, or enjoying a function on the 20th floor of a high rise building. This makes it ideally suited for a contract caterer or an independent café looking to test a new location, or even a hotel or college looking to create a self-contained area for alfresco dining.

Built from robust stainless steel and aluminium, the fully-lockable Tank Mobile Kiosk features gullwing doors, which offer practical security and full protection from the weather. The distinctive kiosk can also be branded to incorporate a company logo or colour scheme, to create round the clock advertising whether open or closed.

A wide range of custom options are available, including independently powered storage modules, which can be heated, refrigerated, frozen or ambient which are designed to fit neatly either on, or under the counter. A wide range of other additional features are also available, including counter extensions, counter-top display units, custom-annexe options, wash-stations and mobile cooking demonstration options, such as a wireless public address system.

The Tank Mobile Kiosk is four metres in length, offering more counter space than the average coffee shop, but may be operated with one or both extensions closed when weather or space is a concern.

* For more information or to view the huge range of kitchen equipment available from Nisbets, please visit www.nisbets.co.uk. Alternatively, please call 0845 140 5555 or head to your nearest store*!

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