KFC announces targets for restaurant growth at Accessible Retail 2018

Chris Holmes, of KFC UK & Ireland, announced KFC’s target to have over 1000 restaurants in the UK by 2020. Speaking at Accessible Retail 2018, Holmes revealed KFC is now targeting a growth of 50 new restaurants by the end of 2018 as part of its objective to expand its overall network by over 50%, representing a substantial increase of 500 outlets in total across the country.

Holmes’ keynote speech at the conference highlighted a number of initiatives KFC is taking in order to develop its brand and presence in the UK restaurant industry:

“For KFC it’s not about launching one new core healthy product or a brilliant marketing campaign,” Holmes said, “it requires our entire business to make progress on all fronts, consistently over time.”

The new restaurant designs popping up across the country are reflective of KFC’s brand and an important part of its growth strategy. With over 400 restaurants being refurbished over the last 2 years, approximately £50 million has been invested in opening up kitchens, increasing convenience and reinvigorating dining areas.

KFC now has the most flexible restaurant assets in the UK with drive thru options ranging from 295 sq m to 70 sq m and in-line restaurants from High Street and Urban/Campus/Residential smallbox to Food Court / Travel Hub options.

A significant goal is the 20% reduction of calories across KFC’s menu by 2025, wiping 57 billion calories from its menu across the country. The target was announced in KFC’s new nutrition plan and supported by Chief Nutritionist at Public Health England, Alison Tedstone, who commented:

“It is encouraging to see KFC’s leadership in this space. We hope this announcement will encourage other eating out of home companies to commit to and make significant reductions in calories to help us all consume healthier products when eating out.”

KFC is also showing leadership in animal welfare in the restaurant industry. Creating a clear, tangible welfare policy, KFC has documented its rigorous standards across the supply chain, which are available for public viewing on its website. Opening up conversations with UK animal welfare NGOs, KFC has now had the public backing of World Animal Protection, who have committed to working with KFC in the future.

Chris Holmes noted the importance of excellence all along the supply chain required to aid its nutrition, welfare and growth targets:

“If you look at the challenge that faces our industry, and the opportunity to create positive, meaningful change, we know that we cannot do this alone, that our partners and suppliers are an absolutely critical part of making change for good, either in the food that we serve, through the materials we use, how we build restaurants and how we manage waste.”

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