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Rob Dale, confessed Foodie and Founder of Hot Star Honey talks about his Chilli Honey Brand to Fast

I grew up on the family farm in rural Norfolk, and I loved spending summer holidays working in the family fruit farming and food business, which started my true passion for food and determination to create amazing flavour combinations. This led me to a career in food manufacturing and later to establish our brand, specialising in creating unique honey-based sauces.

I first discovered the Hot Honey trend in America back in 2018 and knew British people would love the sweet-heat sensation on pizza, but UK pizza restaurant owners said they had a problem with regular hot honey which runs off hot food. So we have crafted a chilli honey sauce for the professional, through a clever and meticulous process to reduce and thicken them, specifically to create their ability to stay on hot food without running off, which addresses a pain point for restaurant owners.

Continuing researching emerging food trends in the USA and travelling in South East Asia gave me more inspiration for experimenting with sweet and sour flavours. It is exciting when you start combining different chilli peppers, tropical fruits and spices to create a sweet-heat sensation.

Hot Star Honey stays ahead by responding to consumer demands, especially focusing on the growing preference for complex flavour combinations like “Sweet Heat.” We know consumers are increasingly looking for more interesting Asian flavours, perhaps the most familiar being the combination of sweet chilli. Hot Star Honey this year has experienced a 127% sales increase in spicier flavours like Chilli & Black Garlic Sweet Soy and Korean BBQ.

We have attended 30 food festivals in 2023 around the UK which enabled us to taste test our sauces in front of 400,000 potential consumers, allowing us to develop and expand the product range further based on customer feedback from these food events.

Although we are involved in a number of sales channels our main growth focus is wholesale of chilli honey sauces for professionals in hospitality and the foodservice sector. The success lies in the premium taste and sweetness of honey producing a smooth flavoursome texture.

Product Range & Usage: Hot Star has a diverse range of flavours like Chilli Honey, Mango Chilli, Korean, Sweet Soy, Caribbean and Balsamic. Chefs can use these smooth honey sauces creatively in various dishes like Pizza, Chicken Wings, Fried Chicken and Stir Fry dishes etc. They enhance the flavour of foods with a lovely drizzly consistency and add an extra layer as an eye-watering garnish, glaze, or dressing.

Hat Star Honey has the production capacity to manufacture smooth honey sauces designed to add an extra layer of flavour on Pizza, Chicken, Stir fry’s and many plated restaurant dishes to garnish, glaze or dress.

Quality Assurance is important, we have a zeal for quality and consistency by producing everything in-house at the dedicated honey production site, ensures top-notch, premium products which are dedicated to foodservice.

We are really excited about our future prospects and enthusiastic about expansion, especially in catering to foodservice customers and how our range will continue to be at the forefront of evolving consumer preferences.

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