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Goldensheaf Gluten Free Batter Mix is every bit as good as a conventional batter, so no-one need compromise.

For over 75 years Goldensheaf have been producing premium quality batter mixes for the fish and chip industry, creating that consistently crispy, golden, tasty coating that your customers know and love. And our Goldensheaf Gluten Free Batter Mix is no exception.

Utilising our extensive heritage and expertise, this carefully crafted mix is easy to work with and produces consistent results across a range of chip shop favourites, including fish, sausages and chicken, while also boasting the classic great taste Goldensheaf is renowned for. This ensures that customers choosing to avoid gluten can still enjoy the authentic and delicious fish and chip shop experience without any compromise on taste and, more importantly, safety. And you can still produce the top quality fried food that you’ve built your reputation on!

What’s more, as with all our market-leading Goldensheaf products, our gluten free mix is made using only the finest quality wheat, sustainably grown and milled within 40 miles of our manufacturing site in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Quality, traceability and sustainability all in one bag!

Goldensheaf Gluten Free Batter Mix guarantees:

The same great taste and performance as our     conventional mixes


Premium quality ingredients

British-sourced wheat

Great quality gluten free battered food

100% peace of mind

Don’t miss out on extra sales!

As the demand for gluten free food is expected to grow further in 2024, extending your menu and catering for more dietary requirements is a great way to boost sales and entice new customers through the door.

According to a poll by Coeliac UK, 97% of respondents said that when they find a gluten free venue they trust, it becomes a preferred place to visit. In addition, 81% of its members say they are prepared to travel for 30 minutes or longer to a venue they know can cater for a gluten free diet.

Karen Heavey, Brand Manager at Kerry Foodservice, comments: “It’s proven that offering a high quality, trustworthy gluten free menu generates loyalty and repeat business. Goldensheaf Gluten Free Batter Mix is the ideal product for fish and chip shops that want to attract those extra sales while also offering gluten free customers the same high quality chippy experience with no compromise on taste, texture or performance.”

For more information, please visit For expert industry advice and to request a sample, you can also call the Frying Squad on 0800 138 1938.


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