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The Irresistible Combo...

...of a pizza dough base, sauce, cheese and toppings is a world-wide crowd pleaser – it’s often the case that the simplest things are the best

Data from MealTrak reveals ‘in 2021 the UK pizza market was valued at £1.44 billion, and it’s anticipated to reach a value of £1.74 billion by 2026.’   

Pizza ticks all the boxes for a convenient, budget friendly tasty bite, that’s great for on-the-go or dine in scenarios and offers operators a failsafe menu option that successfully transports well for delivery sales too.  The MealTrak report emphasises the importance of increased use of technology in the pizzeria industry, stating, ‘online ordering and delivery systems, kitchen automation and point-of-sale systems are revolutionising the way pizzerias function, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. These technological advancements are enabling pizzerias to expand their reach to a broader customer base while improving the overall customer experience.’*

Pizza offers an easily adaptable menu item, innovation around pizza products provides plenty of choice, pizza base varieties and toppings can be chosen to suit dietary requirements – it’s so easy to offer an inclusive menu.  Insight from thefoodpeople highlights the flexibility of pizza as a perfect all day choice, ‘avo toast made on a pizza dough base; breakfast pizzas with bacon and egg; or pizza slices used as sandwich carriers’ and reveals trends influenced by global flavours; ‘Italian and American base styles like Detroit, Sicilian, Roman and Grandma pizza bases topped with flavours from the Far East.  Easy customisation through touches of luxury, such as the addition of truffle, caviar or named and local ingredients, can take pizza to another level for an elevated treat.’**

Chris Dickinson, Pan’Artisan’s Business Development Director: “Pizza accounts for one of the most popular menu items and industry statistics show product authenticity is a key factor to attract consumers: ‘63% of those that have eaten in or ordered pizza agree that it’s worth paying more for pizza/Italian dishes that are made traditionally.’***

“Consumer demand for high quality food-to-go options has increased, and our newly launched Mini Pizza Pala Margherita offers the ultimate in convenience; it’s a true taste of Italy made to an authentic Italian recipe.  It is stone-baked and ready topped with fine quality Italian tomato sauce and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, which is delicious as is, but also enables the operator to customise with additional toppings to extend choices on their menu.”

The Mini Pizza Pala Margherita is perfect for handheld eating as this tasty, rectangular shaped pizza measures 22cm by 10cm, offering a generously sized single portion of pizza to sate the hungriest of appetites.  Simply defrost the product at room temperature until fully thawed, it is suitable for all oven types.  Cook at 200-220°C for approximately 6 to 8 minutes (depending on oven type used) until the base is crisp and the cheese is melted.

Available in cases of 42 units.

*MealTrak ‘Pizza Business In Growth for 2023’ June 2023

**Thefoodpeople ‘Menuwatching Report – Pizzerias 2023’

***Mintel ‘UK Pizza and Italian Restaurants Market Report 2022’

For more information on the Pan’Artisan range of products call 01730 811490 or visit


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