A Grab andGo Must Have

Heather Beattie, Brand Manager for Nisbets Plc describes to FFP why a rapid combination oven is a must have kitchen essential in todays grab and go fast food market...

“With an increasing number of customers looking to grab quick and tasty snacks on the go, it’s essential that fast food operators ensure they include a wide variety of grab and go choices to cater for this market.

With many now working longer hours and taking shorter lunch breaks, it’s hardly surprising that grab and go choices such as burgers, sandwiches, subs and baguettes have become so popular. As well as offering a wide range of choices and including healthier snack options fast food outlets need to make sure that they can prepare and serve grab and go choices quickly as customers looking for such options often don’t have much time to spare.”

Despite the trend for different styles of cuisine when it comes to grab and go choices, there are some classics that operators should be sure to include in their snack menus such as burgers, sandwiches, subs and baguettes. Perfect for preparing tempting hot snacks such as these with a variety of both meat and vegetarian fillings is the Menumaster Speed Combination Oven CR853 (MXP5221/3) from Nisbets.

An extremely powerful catering solution, the Menumaster will allow the rapid cooking of batches of food up to 15x faster than a convection oven, ensuring customers aren’t kept waiting, even during peak times, meaning it’s ideal for preparing a wide variety of hot snacks.

The Menumaster High Speed Combination Oven CR853 (MXP5221/3) has a user-friendly touch screen colour LCD display that will be easy to use by any member of the kitchen staff.

With space often at a premium within most kitchens, multi-purpose pieces of equipment such as this are a great investment for fast food outlets. Heavy-duty kit such as high speed combi ovens will allow operators to roast, bake, steam, and grill and poach all with just one piece of equipment.

With a capacity of 39Ltrs and a temperature range of 90°C to 270°C, the sleek stainless steel touch screen unit enables fast food operators to program cooking times and settings for up to 340 different menu items at any one time which can be automatically updated using either Wi-Fi, ethernet or USB port.

The MXP can be supplied in single or three phase supply. It is supplied as standard with a catalytic converter thus eliminating any need for ventilation/extraction.

The Menumaster High Speed Combination Oven CR853 (MXP5221/3) combines three cooking modes: forced convection, microwave and infra-red radiant for high speed cooking that will make it a god-send for any busy kitchen.

Both models are extremely compact making either choice perfect for those with limited kitchen space.”


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