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Apopular East Yorkshire chippy has been named the winner of the Environment & Sustainability Award at this year’s National Fish & Chip Awards. Whitehead’s Fish & Chips in Hornsea beat off competition from finalists, Hennighan’s and Sea Queen Fisheries to take the top prize, being awarded for their outstanding commitment to responsible practices and sourcing.

Whitehead’s will join all of this year’s award winners on a once-in-a-lifetime study trip to Norway, where they’ll experience firsthand delicious cod and haddock being responsibly caught from Norway’s cold, clear waters.

The winner of last year’s Fish & Chips Takeaway of the Year award, Whitehead’s has already got a fantastic track record. In 2023, as part of their commitment to the environment, they upped the ante, transitioning all business vehicles to electric. And, to reduce their carbon footprint further, they installed solar panels - taking advantage of Hornsea’s windswept coastal location by adding wind turbines.

Category sponsor, Seafood from Norway, alongside Norwegian Frozen at Sea and longliner and Danish seine vessel Østerfjord, will be hosting the trip to the world’s leading whitefish nation – a country rich in fishing heritage and home to the world’s largest cod stocks.

Combining inspiration and education, Whitehead’s will enjoy an action-packed two day itinerary. Sailing on the state-of-the-art Østerfjord, they’ll learn how the vessel is designed to minimise energy consumption and to ensure that fish is caught sustainably and frozen at sea to lock in freshness and quality. They’ll learn from leading experts how Norway keeps code and haddock fish stocks sustainable – the science, the tools and techniques, and the information that helps them monitor the entire supply chain – from Norway to the UK, charting the ocean-to-plate journey of their favourite whitefish.

Geoff Whitehead of Whitehead’s Fish & Chips said: “Everything we do at Whiteheads has sustainability in mind. From the energy we generate ourselves with our turbines, the responsibly caught fish we use, and the potatoes we source from just a mile down the road, to the way we manage our oil waste and recycling - every element of business has been designed with the environment in mind. We’re delighted to have won the award, and to be recognised for all the work we put into this element of our business. Having been to Norway in the past as a previous winner, I’m extremely excited knowing what’s in store for the team!”

Whiteheads were presented with the award by the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Cecile Myrseth. She expressed gratitude to the UK’s fish and chip industry and its distributers for the strides it is making with sustainable practices, in line with the world-leading innovation in the fishing industry which is happening in Norway. Celebrating the longstanding bilateral relationship between Norway and the UK she praised Whiteheads and the finalists for their commitment to the environment.

Victoria Braathen, UK Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council added:

“Responsible practices in the fish and chip industry have never been more important, and it’s inspiring to see growing awareness from so many businesses and their customers around this topic. We’re looking forward to welcoming Whitehead’s and all of the winners to Norway. Experiencing the origin of their produce and seeing every step we take to make sure seafood is responsibly sourced and in perfect condition by the time it reaches their kitchen is a huge inspiration for everyone who comes aboard.”

Andrew Crook, President of the National Federation of Fish Friers and organiser of the awards, said: “It’s incredible to see how passionate Whitehead’s is about sustainability, truly incorporating sustainable measures in their day-to-day business model. The industry climate is tough, with growing pressures to increase environmentally friendly standards and our winner has shown exemplary to being the best they can possibly be. Whitehead’s are showing long-term impactful commitments and are working closely with the foodservice supply chain to ensure the best quality and sustainably sourced produce is available to their local community. We’re delighted for Geoff and all of the staff at the shop and it’s our pleasure to commend and support their efforts.”

The winners trip to Norway will take place later this year in June, giving Whitehead’s the chance to brush off their sou’westers and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.


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