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Better Batter

Fish and chips is a beloved fast food staple in British households. With so many fast food options available, operators need to be producing the best chippy tea to keep consumers coming back for more - and that means getting your batter right!

As the nation’s favourite supplier of fish and chip batters, Middleton Foods works with the leading shops and restaurant chains to help them achieve the products which make their business work within the fast-food industry. Batter is the secret ingredient to serving the best fish and chips in the business, and different batters suit different frying mediums and different areas, which highlights just how important it is to get it right. As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fish and chip batter, we utilise modern machinery combined with latest manufacturing techniques to help operators get the best out of their fryers and offer the perfect batter blends for their business.

To celebrate 30 years of trading, we produced our special batter mix, Blend 30. This celebration blend is the ultimate product, offering that classic golden colour, perfect crunch texture and flavoursome batter. Our Middleton Foods Kings Heritage Blend 30 Batter Mix consists of a unique blend of flavours which when fried, is extra crispy with a light golden colour. Specifically designed to sit longer in the holding cabinet, it is the perfect blend for both takeaway and delivery and what’s more, it cooks quicker than regular batter, helping operators serve quality food faster than ever.

Back for its 9th year, NEODA’s National Fish and Chip Day 2024 is an extra special one - marking the 80th Anniversary of D-Day - and the perfect time to maximise sales.  Blend 30 is a new generation of fish and chip batter that sits perfectly with today’s requirements yet provides that same delicious flavour customers have come to expect. We’re once again delighted to be supporting trade organisation, NEODA (the National Edible Oil Distributors Association), as a headline sponsor.

We launched our inaugural Peter Hill Award last year, in memory of our late friend and Middleton Foods’ CEO, Peter Hill. With a money-can’t-buy set of prizes worth over £10,000, the Award reflects Peter’s passion for the fish and chip industry and nurtures new talent in a sector he loved so much. The Peter Hill Award is an accolade that benefits fish and chip shop owners – helping them stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their excellence in the trade.

For more information on Middleton Foods, please visit or call +44 (0)1902 608122. You can also contact The Batter Boys – who are on hand to assist with any obstacles fish fryers face, at a moment’s notice!


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