SimpleOrder makes ordering simple and pricing a doddle

It wasn’t long ago that most restaurants were performing all of their back of house operations using paper and spreadsheets. Most purchasing was done through phone calls, inventory was manually recorded and pricing menus was a guessing game. As other industries around the world were digitizing all of their operations, including the restaurant dining room by using a POS system, the restaurant kitchen was trapped in the throes of the past.

All the manual recording and phone purchasing meant that kitchen administration was quite unorganized, inaccurate and inefficient. In 2010, SimpleOrder was developed in order to transform the restaurant industry. SimpleOrder’s cloud-based platform functions as a purchasing, inventory management and menu costing system, providing restaurants the opportunity to digitize their entire back of house operations.

By designing an organized, streamlined system, SimpleOrder makes it possible for restaurants to purchase all of their items through suppliers, in a user friendly platform. This means all purchases are recorded in an easy to view system and missing orders are always tracked. When purchasing is done at the end of each month, restaurants can send their receipts directly to their accounting system, saving hours and hours of time going through paper receipts and calculating totals. In turn, the restaurant’s accounting is more accurate and owners have a more solid understanding of the financial standing, so that they can make smarter choices.

SimpleOrder’s one of a kind automatic inventory system makes it possible for restaurants to automate their inventory management system. This revolutionary technology promotes restaurant success by significantly reducing time counting inventory, eliminating errors and pinpointing alarming variances swiftly, so theft and waste can be handled before they become a serious problem. SimpleOrder customers receive easy to read reports that track real time inventory counts, so that they can always be informed about what they have and what they need. By having a clear inventory count, restaurants will know the exact value of their goods, how much it costs to make a dish and can therefore accurately price their menus.


George Phillips, Operations and Product Manager of Press Juice, London.

PRESS Juice opened their first shop in SOHO area of London in August 2014 .By 2016 they had five stores and a wholesale business selling to over one hundred shops, retailers, hotels and gyms.

Why did you decide to use SimpleOrder?

“Once we started our wholesale business, we really needed to find a platform to organize our operations, especially for internal orders. It was really hard for all of our stores to order from our central kitchen in a uniformed, organized way. Before we started using SimpleOrder we were doing all of our orders in a GoogleDoc which led to a lot of disorganization and confusion. Orders weren’t being read properly and many orders went missing, so we knew we needed to find a solution. “

How has SimpleOrder helped your business?

“Once we started using the SimpleOrder platform for purchasing, everything became organized and easy to use. The platform is just so user friendly and streamlined, that it helps us all be on the same page. We can put in orders, modify orders and cancel orders quickly and efficiently. SimpleOrder allows us to manage our central kitchen in a professional way, saving us lots of time and streamlining our operations. “

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