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Superman and Popeye Energy Drink

At the IFE in London back in March, two new branded Energy Drinks were showcased to the UK market. Curly & Smooth Licensing & Trading are looking to find a distribution partner and bring to the UK market what they’ve already rolled out into France, Spain, Germany, the Middle East and Australia.

Refreshing and fruity with Vitamin B and balanced with caffeine, Popeye Energy Drink tastes like a fresh and crunchy green apple – both sweet and sour, this green sparkling drink gives you hero power - following Popeye’s daily intake of spinach.

Superman is less sweet and also apple flavoured and is unique and different in taste of what you might know of other Energy Drinks. Less sweet and tangy you can get your extra portion of energy at work, sports, leisure time or enjoy the drink with friends.

Both drinks and their characters imply super powers at first sight. CSLT believe it’s very easy and self explanatory to recognise what these drinks are about.

Superman is characterized as being faster than a bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Popeye has a tender heart but can dish out strong punches as well. The same goes for the respective Energy Drinks. Produced and bottled in Austria these products provide high quality standard.

Curly & Smooth Licensing & Trading acquired the rights to produce Energy Drinks branded with Superman and Popeye and supply their distributors with various marketing and POS material like shop displays, coolers, T-Shirts, stickers - all approved by the license holders.

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