Southern style Gravy Mix a new addition to the Mayflower family

Mayflower present their all-new, never before seen Southern Style Gravy Mix

The launch of Southern Style Gravy Mix will take Mayflower onwards and upwards as it replicates the success of the current Mayflower Curry Sauce Mixes. Many years of development has come together to perfect this Southern Style Gravy Mix. Time has been spent adapting and altering each recipe. Once it was just right, King Asia Foods felt they had a secret recipe that they had to hold onto tightly!

King Asia Foods founded in 1985 pride’s itself in producing quality driven oriental products. They strive to work with customers in creating innovative food solutions within the retail and foodservice sectors. Mayflower came about by Kin Him Fong, the founder of King Asia Foods, he stated “we wanted to emulate Chinese dishes from restaurants and take away outlets but through retail and offer a convenient way of enjoying this cuisine. The success of Mayflower has become the heart and soul of King Asia Foods!”

Mayflower Curry Sauce Mix is the market leader, the success of this product has led to the launch of another sauce that will stand shoulder to shoulder with its siblings. The marketplace currently has a vast number of trends that are emerging and making sure product developments are meeting these different trends is essential. The vegetarian market is being met by this product because it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Mintel Academic research suggests that while there is a concern for welfare of animals and the planet, the reasons behind choosing vegetarian products is leaning towards another key trend of health and wellbeing.

Every day consumers are for American Inspired shown through the success of many fast-food outlets. King Asia Foods wants to take advantage of this ever growing cuisine. The Southern Style Gravy Mix aims at the heart of social media trending ‘fakeaway’ culture. Mayflower is bridging the gap between American culture and the Great British menu.

The Southern Style Gravy Mix is completely versatile and unique as there has been a gap in the market for this style of gravy for many years now. The Southern Style Gravy Mix retail release has started to create a real buzz on social media.

Instagram Comments: #MayflowerGravy

“… the Southern Style Gravy was immense! It’s 100% being made again.” @Slimminglouise28

“Mayflower Gravy, in love with this stuff, especially over chicken.” @healthy_holly_mfp

“Whoop whoop!!! Finally found the mayflower gravy!! Had it for dinner tonight on sw chips with broccoli and steak!! Was delish!!”


“KFC takeaway for the first time tonight - with mayflower sooooooo yum! @sophiesslimming

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