Three new food concepts from Funnybones bring sunshine flavours to the foodservice market

Funnybones Foodservice is introducing three new food concepts designed to bring the sunshine flavours of the Caribbean and Mexico to the foodservice market.

With Caribbean cuisine growing in popularity, Funnybones Foodservice is launching the first Caribbean food concept for the foodservice market. Irie Eats is a new fully branded concept that brings authentic flavours from Jamaica and the other West Indies islands to a street food brand.

“Funnybones Foodservice is part of Grace Foods UK which is owned by the largest Jamaican food distributor in the world, the GraceKennedy Group. The food that we are offering through Irie Eats is in our DNA, and we are proud to bring our heritage to this new concept,” says Development Chef Tom Styman-Heighton.

Caribbean cuisine is a blend of numerous influences including African, Arab and Indian. Each island has its’ own twist on favourite dishes, but most of Caribbean food culture is centred on Jamaica.

“Being a Jamaican-based brand, we are delighted with the current level of interest in Caribbean food in this country, and we are now achieving a long held ambition to launch a Caribbean food concept which can be easily adapted to suit any foodservice environment,” explains Tom.

“We have taken great care to ensure that we deliver the authentic tastes of the region and we have developed really flavoursome dishes which can be enjoyed as grab n’ go or eat in variations.”

With Funnybones’ local connections, the dishes they have developed are truly representative of the great flavours of the region. The popular Jerk chicken is a centrepiece of the menu choices, but other less well-known local ingredients are also included. Customers will be able to taste Callaloo Stew – one of the area’s signature dishes featuring Jamaica’s favourite vegetable – Saltfish, Ripe Plantains and Cassava Fries.

There are four different versions of the popular grab and go Jamaican Patties, as well as more substantial takeaway dishes such as Curried Mutton, Curried Chicken and sides such as Green Plantain and Rice and Peas. The dishes are affordable and creative – meats are Halal and there are low fat and vegan options.

The word Irie (pronounced eye-ree) means nice, good or pleasing in Jamaican patois. It is also used as a friendly greeting in the Rastafarian community. The branding, menus and signage are distinctively styled to catch the attention of passers-by with tropical colours promising to bring sunshine flavours to the consumer.

NEW simple Tex-Mex concepts – arriba amigos!

At the same time, we are introducing two NEW Tex-Mex food concepts which are fun variants on the tacos and nachos theme. Fully branded and perfect for a temporary pop up or permanent offering, these new concepts offer a quick, tasty and convenient grab n’go meal option.

La Mexicana Nacheria offers nachos with cheese and meat toppings and authentic sides such as Tostones. Also, the new sweet nachos are on offer – deliciously warm and crispy these come freshly fried , drenched with sugar and served with a choice of ice cream, compote, chocolate or caramel sauces.

La Mexicana Taqueria offers tacos with all the trimmings, either in traditional taco shells or the new Taco Boats which make eating them on the go much easier.

Both concepts will also be stocking the Jarritos Mexican street sodas which come in several fruity flavours.

Funnybones Foodservice specialises in American, Tex-Mex and Caribbean foods, offering a wide range of authentic specialist and mainstream products that represent the best of the cuisines from this part of the world.


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