Sizzling Saucy Summertime

The Crucial Sauce Company has the perfect sauce to provide to your customers this summer

With over 20 flavours available in various sizes they’re the perfect accompaniment for any food. The flavour range is wide and varied. From cool and creamy favourites including Yoghurt & Mint and Garlic Mayo to hot and spicy essentials such as the famous Hot Stuff, Chilli Garlic and Thai Style. Of course let’s not forget the catering classics Tomato Ketchup, Salad Cream and Brown sauce as well as many others – there is definitely something for everyone. All flavours are suitable for vegetarians and a Halal diet as well as the majority being gluten free.

Recently Crucials have been busy in the kitchen and have developed a new flavour to compliment the range whilst offering something a little different – Chilli Ketchup. Available in a 1lt pack it maintains the thick, rich, fruitiness of Crucials ketchup however adds a mild chilli kick. It’s a sauce that still has bags of flavour but isn’t overpowered by heat. Chilli Ketchup pairs perfectly with chips, burgers and in fact any food that would have standard ketchup as an accompaniment, whilst adding something a little bit different. Why not give it a try?

With the popularity of their famous 1L squeezy bottle leading the way Crucials also offer various other sizes in some of their most popular flavours including 2.27L, 4.5KG and 5L packs. The range of sizes available gives caterers choice and the ability to use the right packs for differing needs and establishments. With this in mind there is also the comprehensive 500ml range offering the option of selling your customers the classic taste of takeaways to take home or for use as a table sauce for eat-in customers.

Crucials is growing in popularity year on year, with 8000 bottles of sauce sold each day and the product now reaching all parts of the UK. The growth of Crucials has been an exciting journey which you can read about on their Crucials are also very active on social media, specifically Instagram – now with 26,000 followers. Instagram is a valuable tool that has helped Crucials remain in touch with, and accessible to, their customers. They offer a variety of hints and tips and often share images of customers who use their products - give them a follow on @Crucial_sauce.

With summer being the busiest time of year for Crucials, why not join in with the nation and try a bottle of what everyone’s talking about! Readily available throughout the UK in major wholesalers and smaller distributors, contact Crucials via their website to find out where your local distributor is located.

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