Evolution Elite Fryer Proves Less is More

'To stand out in the increasingly crowded fried chicken market, fast food restaurants and takeaways have to offer a delicious end product using quality ingredients. Key to delivering exceptional food time and time again is a modern high-performance fryer.

The purchase of a fryer is a substantial investment and one that should be carefully considered. Modern fryers have been developed to not only withstand the demands of busy kitchens, but also remain reliable and energy efficient for their lifespan. It is also important to consider the on-going running costs, and in doing so look for a fryer that can help operators save money and operate as sustainably as possible without compromising on performance or the quality of the food cooked.

Henny Penny, a global leader in the manufacture of commercial fryers and equipment, offers restaurants and fast food outlets a wide range of different appliances to suit individual needs. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite series takes consistency and efficiency to the next level. Utilising Henny Penny’s innovative reduced oil capacity technology not only helps to reduce the amount of oil consumed by as much as 40%, but also extends the life of the oil. This ensures operators can cook efficiently and keep their costs down, but remain safe in the knowledge that the quality of their food isn’t affected.

The life of oil within a fryer is not only a key element of frying, it is also an area in which operators can save money by taking advantage of the latest technology and developments. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryer has a built in, sensor activated Oil GuardianTM which monitors oil level, automatically replenishing from an oil reservoir inside the fryer cabinet ensuring you are always cooking in the right amount of oil. Smart Touch Filtration improves oil savings, product quality and employee productivity by filtering individual vats at the touch of a button, while allowing vats to cook uninterrupted. The filter system drains oil, rinses away crumbs and returns hot filtered oil to the vat in less than four minutes. No handles, valves or anything else to pull, open or close.

This technology removes the need for a cold zone in the fryer, meaning the Evolution Elite provides the same production capacity as a fryer with a much larger oil volume. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite series also features i-control with 10 programmable cook cycles, idle and melt modes and load compensation.

For high volume pressure frying, the pioneering design of the Henny Penny Velocity pressure fryer offers the ultimate in performance, consistency and cost savings.

With the ability to fry up 72 pieces of chicken in 25% less oil, it sets a new standard for performance and savings. And no wonder, the Velocity Series is a completely new pressure fryer designed from the floor up to dramatically lower the cost of high volume frying. The fryer automatically filters the oils between cooks in the same time it takes to rack the next load. This automatic filtration combines with the use of pioneering oil jets to wash food particles from the pot, eliminating scorching and reducing the time needed to clean the unit at the end of a shift, saving on both time and money in a busy catering environment.

The fryer generates a pressurised cooking environment. Having sealed in the flavour and sealed out any excess cooking oil, the Velocity pressure fryer achieves food with a wonderful taste, moisture and consistent finish faster than any other method when cooking high volumes.

Great tasting food for the customer is complemented with ease of use for the operator. A patented counter-balance system makes raising and lowering a load effortless, whilst intuitive touch controls mean that operators can pre-programmed up to 160 products into the controller using the USB interface. Safety is observed thanks to a pressure lock monitor, high-temperature protection and a heavy-duty, fully insulated stainless steel fry pot to withstand the demands of a busy restaurant kitchen.

Once the chicken comes out of the fryer the Henny Penny Smarthold Hot Holding Cabinet means operators can hold foods like fried chicken for longer, maintaining quality and improving yields. The Smarthold Cabinet includes patented humidity control allowing operators select to maintain precise humidity levels between 10% and 90%. There is even a constant digital humidity/temperature display and digital countdown timers for each shelf.

For more information on the Henny Penny range or to find out about the other commercial products supplied by Jestic Express, please visit https://jesticexpress.co.uk or call 01892 831960.

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