KeCo’s KARROT app puts captivating packaging concepts at your fingertips

Always keen to research and develop the latest packaging concepts and invest in NPD is leading carton board packaging manufacturer, KeCo Foodservice Packaging Ltd. The Company has developed KARROT – an augmented reality app for packaging, which engages end user consumers with the packaging thanks to dynamic promotion.

Using the KARROT app, KeCo customers will be able to maximise technological advances and capture the imaginations of consumers with video and audio content, graphics and animations – overlaying multimedia in real-time to improve and enhance their experience.

Using augmented reality, brands can be brought to life; and this smart packaging is a great marketing tool to provide consumers with limited edition content and exclusive promotions. It’s also a fantastic method of communicating key messaging, as well as supply product information and encourage interaction with social media initiatives.

Speaking about the development of the KARROT app John Young, Sales and Marketing Director, KeCo Foodservice Packaging Ltd. Said:

“The KARROT app is an innovative mobile application combining a marketing platform, which allows for the promotion of brands, products, business and services through augmented reality to dynamically deliver interactive content that will engage communication to help propel a brand, product or promotion; or support sales initiatives, awareness and profile. Significant investment from KeCo was made to create a dynamic marketing tool which would allow our customers to enhance their brand profile and engage with consumers through promotional and key messaging in a fun and more interactive medium. We can work with our customers to create their own personalised content and apply it to their packaging. What’s more, the app also features campaign management and analytics, so campaigns can be analysed too without the additional expense which can often be incurred with determining the success of an initiative.”

The KARROT app is perfectly suited to enhancing packaging concepts aimed at children, and can be used for licensed products which promote the latest film releases (for example). Yet it’s equally as beneficial for use in the product design of disposables intended for more adult service – great for incorporating music and sound bites; as well as information about the outlet from which food and drink is being bought, and even to provide interaction about the ingredients and dietary information of the product about to be consumed.

To learn more about how augmented reality can benefit your business and to discover how KeCo Foodservice Packaging can create bespoke content to enhance the experience your customers receive, please visit or call 01480 869077. Alternatively, please email

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