What Aviko are doing to give operators alternatives to the potato products

Mohammed Essa, Commercial Director for Aviko UK and Ireland gives Fast Food Professional magazine a general look at what Aviko are doing to give operators alternatives to the potato products that they sell and considers the benefits of these

A general look at potatoes and pre-prepared chips (chilled and frozen) and also the associated products such as potato whitening products. We would like to look at the benefits of each of the alternatives

Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries

With the delivery market now worth over £4.2million and up 73% in the last decade*, it provides a golden opportunity for the quick service market. To support operators in providing high quality takeaways, Aviko has launched the new Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries. Created using the latest technologies, the Premium Crunch Fast Fries will stay piping hot and crunchier for longer, making them ideal for use in deliveries.

No longer do operators need to be concerned with delivering cold or soggy chips! We have specifically designed the Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries to support operators in delivering the highest standard of chips possible. With a thicker coating, the new fries are perfect for home delivery packaging and will arrive without any breakage or loss of heat and will also remain satisfyingly crunchy.

Available in two varieties – Crunch Shoestring 7mm and Crunch 9.5mm – the premium Fast Food Fries can assist operators in increasing profits whilst also catering for gluten-free diets and being suitable for vegetarians. Our Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries have a rice-flour based coating which provides an excellent crunch whilst also providing operators with peace of mind in catering for coeliac customers.

* NPD April 2018 ^Aviko/Toluna August 2017

Sweet Potato

Demand for sweet potato – including fries – is at an all-time high. Aviko’s research shows that 66% of UK consumers think there should be more sweet potato options on menus^. This is due to a variety of reasons including a third of consumers believing sweet potato is healthier, 30% prefer the taste and 23% simply opting for something different.

The demand for sweet potato fries has really grown in recent years and it is showing no signs of slowing, especially as a staggering 66% of UK consumers think there are currently not enough sweet potato options available. The growing appeal of sweet potato demonstrates it is an opportune time to make the most of this key trend and appeal to a wide group of consumers looking for a healthier option. ^Toluna/Aviko August 2017

British Grown Potato Skins

As 22.3 million consumers in the UK make a conscious effort to cut down on their meat consumption* by following a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan diet, the arrival of Aviko’s handmade 1/4 and 1/2 Potato Skins provides a golden opportunity for operators to tap into this trend.

Veganism has gone mainstream and the meat-free market is now worth over £780 million,** providing a massive profit opportunity for operators. Our new Potato Skins offer the perfect platform to try out plant-based flavour combinations and increase the appeal of menus.

Made from British grown baking potatoes with a higher natural sugar content to provide a superior taste, Aviko’s Potato Skins can be both fried or oven-cooked, maintaining a crispy outer texture even when loaded.

Aviko’s new Potato Skins are handmade, ensuring excellent and consistent quality every time. Operators can request a free sample by visiting www.aviko.co.uk to start benefiting from the endless possibilities loaded Potato Skins provide.

* Waitrose Partners Food & Drink Report 2018-19 **Mintel Nov 2018

For more product information on Aviko’s extensive range call 0800 633 5611 or visit www.aviko.co.uk

For everything Aviko visit: www.twitter.com/avikouk

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