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New ideas/products/ systems for hot and cold drinks for the Takeaway market as many operators do not optimise the value of this area and just offer basic products

Most recently, there has been a shift in demand towards the cold canned coffee segment. More manufacturers are tapping into this, targeting this fashionable trend towards younger customers. At Bestway Wholesale, we are quick to tap into new and upcoming trends and have recently listed Costa Coffee in a RTD can format and Nescafé Nitro and energy-infused Monster Coffee.

Low and no sugar carbonated drinks are also showing growth in the market, with increasingly exotic, bold and adventurous flavours piquing consumer interest. There is also an opportunity for takeaways to include healthier iced and herbal tea, cold coffee and cold infusions into their beverage offering.

Anything which shows operators how they can increase margins and revenues through this area is always of help to our readers.

One way operators can increase revenue is by elevating the price of unhealthy extras and reducing healthier alternatives. These new, healthier products have decent margins - I would suggest placing them in more visible locations and incorporating them into meal deal offers as well as reducing the amount of unhealthy drinks you stock.

Take advantage of special promotions of these new and innovative products too. Timing is key - buying at right time and price will help to increase profit margins. Our bi monthly Price Hold Guarantee (PHG) promotional brochure features competitive offers across a wide range of hot and cold drinks.

Bestway Wholesale also operates a bespoke soft drinks pricing structure for fast food outlets. These operators have the opportunity to purchase more health-conscious products including Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Irn Bru Extra at highly competitive prices.

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