Chicago Town Delivers Plant Power with New Vegan Pizza

With the meat-free market set to reach £658 million by 2021 , Dr. Oetker Professional has added a plant-based pizza to Chicago Town’s popular ‘Takeaway’ range, supporting operators during Veganuary and beyond.

Vegan fast-food has become the biggest growing takeaway option with orders rising by 388% in the last three years2. The arrival of Chicago Town’s Stuffed Crust Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza will enable operators to start profiting from the growing demand for vegan ‘dirty’ food.

Richard Cooper, Senior Brand Manager, Dr. Oetker Professional (UK) explains:

“With 22 million people in the UK now following a flexitarian diet3, the appeal of plant-based dishes is soaring and many consumers are on the lookout for plant-based versions of their favourite comfort foods from pizza to mac ‘n’ cheese.

“As the foodservice go-to pizza experts we’ve launched the Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza to help operators get a slice of the plant-based action and start driving profitable sales.”

Made with a unique rising dough, Chicago Town’s signature tomato stuffed crust base is fully loaded with jackfruit, covered in a sticky BBQ sauce and topped with dairy-free mozzarella.

With pizza usually unavailable for those following a plant-based diet due to the use of dairy products, the new addition to Chicago Town’s ‘Takeaway’ range opens up a wider audience for operators, providing a golden opportunity to boost profits – especially as pizza already accounts for nearly a quarter of all casual dining visits4.

Richard adds;

“Pizza is one of the top three dishes to enjoy out-of-home5 and by serving up a plant-based version, operators can significantly increase the appeal of their menu, giving everyone the chance to enjoy a slice of pizza.”

Rising in the oven for the first time to deliver a freshly-baked taste, the 10” vegan pizza joins Chicago Town’s ‘Takeaway’ flavours including the recently launched Cheesy Stuffed Crust Loaded Cheese and Loaded Pepperoni.

A leading family pizza and baking business, Dr. Oetker was founded in 1891 and has a dedicated professional range working to provide quality solutions that add excitement to menus with total ease and reassurance.

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