80% Of Takeaways In Profit Versus 65% Of Restaurants Thanks To Delivery

Insights from McCain SureCrispTM Future of Delivery Report

With Britons now spending £4.2 billion a year on takeaway and delivery – up 73% in the past 10 years – and growth of the category expected to comprise 11% of the total hospitality market by 2022, McCain SureCrisp™ has launched ‘The Future Delivered’ report to provide operators with invaluable insight into trends and consumer behaviour – and the ways in which operators can future-proof their business.

Compellingly, the report highlights how 80 of the top 100 UK takeaways were profitable last year, compared to just 65 of the top 100 restaurant groups, as consumers opted for convenience and affordability. As the most frequent consumers of food prepared outside the home (30%), Gen Z and Millennials’ use of technology – from delivery aggregator apps to voice-activated ordering and soon drone deliveries – is driving this consumer trend.

The report reveals key trends that will further grow the delivery sector, whilst changing the tech landscape, including more environmentally friendly and efficient ways to deliver food to customers, such as miniature robots, ordering through emojis, as recently demonstrated by pizza giant Domino’s, ordering from your car, akin to Pizza Hut’s partnership with Accenture and Visa to create an in-car, voice activated pizza ordering system and minimising food waste through apps such as ‘Too Good to Go’ which links customers to the food that restaurants would otherwise throw away at the end of each day.

Megan Cornelius, Product Manager, McCain Foodservice Solutions commented: “This report shows how delivery is fast changing the landscape in and out of home. Delivery and collection now account for 24% of all out of home visits, so it’s vital that operators have access to products that stand up to this process.

“65% of consumers say that a bad chip will negatively affect their overall view of an operator – making them less likely to order again. With that in mind, McCain has pro-actively invested and created a global proposition to enable operators to engage and participate within this growing and profitable occasion; SureCrisp™ is the game-changing clear coat fry that allows operators to offer a consistently crispy fry across delivery, takeaway and on-premise channels.”

To review ‘The Future of Delivery’ report in full, download at: https://www.mccainfoodservice.co.uk/campaign/surecrisp/about-delivery/

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