Ye Olde Oak peri-peri hot dogs

Looking for something new and different for your Takeaway menu?

Summer’s here and the BBQ’s are out! Hopefully the sunshine will stay. This simple and delicious recipe will take just 8 minutes, here’s what you need and how to do it.


• Ye Olde Oak peri-peri hot dogs

• Skewer sticks

• 1 red pepper, cut into chunks

• 200g halloumi

• 8 slices of pineapple

• 1 onion, cut into chunks


1. Empty peri-peri hot dogs, including brine, into a sauce pan and heat gently for about 5 minutes.

2. Once cooked, add all your ingredients onto the skewer sticks and place on the BBQ turning frequently.

3. Cook until lightly browned and serve.

New Peri-Peri hot dogs will be just £1 starting price!

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