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Eskuta are ready to help businesses deliver products to their customers, on time, every time. Offering a variety of electric bikes and scooters, Eskuta’s mission is to inspire sustainable mobility and freedom for the masses. Being the largest e-cargo bike brand in the UK, based in Warwickshire, they not only design and manufacture e-cargo bikes, they also have a range of electric bikes and scooters for the leisure markets.

Businesses using Eskuta’s electric scooters and bikes has allowed them more flexibility, a faster response time and cost savings. Speed up your existing delivery service or they can show you how to start your own! Reduce delivery costs & ensure your customers are receiving high quality products on time, every time.

You will also be one step closer to be a carbon neutral business. No matter if you are a large or small organisation, Eskuta are committed to help businesses and their employees reduce their carbon footprint, offering a range of electric bikes and scooters that are cost effective, reliable and sustainable.

Eskuta has a vision of revolutionising the world of home delivery with the Eskuta SX-250D Electric Delivery Bike, it looks and performs similarly to a petrol moped but is classed as an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC). The SX-250D has the features, benefits and robustness of a moped with all the cost savings of a bicycle – in addition to it being great for the environment. It is specifically designed for efficient, economical and ethical home delivery and has a range of unique features including:

• Integrated waterproof GPS holder and USB charging port

• Rear box carrier with sliding mechanism

• Bespoke coloured panels and delivery boxes available with your company’s logo

• 50 Miles range lithium-ion battery on a single 7.5 hour charge costing 10p per charge

• Rear high level led brake light and indicators

• Centre stand allows bike to be upright when stationary – giving greater stability, protecting the contents of delivery box / bag

• Alarm with 2 keys, immobiliser and keyless go system

• Motorcycle grade braking, suspension and tyres

• Pedal assist system – automatically engages when pedalled: restricted to 15.5 mph to comply with EAPC regulations

Efficiency is key to delivery and Eskuta provides exactly that. The fact the Eskuta SX-250D is classed as an EAPC or ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ means it can be ridden in cycle & bus lanes and allows you to avoid the dreaded traffic that slows your system down. Eskutas get close up to your store and can usually park right outside your customers’ door, saving team members valuable time and the business money.

‘Cycling’ has never been easier. The Eskuta is equipped with a ‘super-torque’ 250W motor that has been designed to take the legwork out of riding the bike. This ensures that not only are your store riders delivering quickly and on-time, but also are not fatigued and ready for the next order.

Helping make recruitment a doddle. We know that recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming part of any business. With the Eskuta bike this allows you to have a much wider pool of enthusiastic team members as you’re not restricted to moped riders that require a CBT.

In-store team members can be cross-trained to ride the Eskuta creating labour efficiencies for your store and saving your business money, as you don’t need riders waiting around.

Consumer demand is ever increasing and delivery the growing element of the fast-food industry. Delivery efficiencies in parallel with cost savings are therefore fundamental to the future success of your business.

Eskuta has the efficiencies to save you money, improve your productivity and offer a solution that is an environmental and sustainable model for the future.

Eskuta also have the SR-1200D, the electric scooter that looks and performs similarly to a petrol moped, but is fully electric, saving running costs for your business and being kind to the environment. Reaching 30mph and anyone over the age of 16 with a CBT licence can ride it with insurance.

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Find out today how an Eskuta can revolutionise your home delivery service. Call 02476 350150, email or visit to view Eskuta’s product range.

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