Eat Out to Help Out – The view from Embargo Lifestyle Limited

Tsewang Wangkang, founder and CEO of Embargo said: “The Eat Out to Help Out scheme is great news for the hospitality sector. Yes it has its limitations, but any move to stimulate activity within the industry is very important. And in particular, consumers should be encouraged to revisit their local restaurants; while the first meal out might feel a little odd, it is a hugely important first step as we return to a more normal life.

“However, the scheme only lasts for one month. So, restaurants, bars and coffee shops must still ready themselves for the challenges ahead. As well as implementing new health and safety measures, they must focus on how they will attract customers and keep them coming back time and time again. As people remain within their local area more, hospitality businesses must ensure they are tapping into their loyal, nearby customers - they must be incentivised to return, and this must extend beyond the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme. The scheme is a golden opportunity to turn as many customers as possible, visiting during the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, into returning customers. This is only possible if the venues prepare themselves accordingly by making sure they get to know these customers and communicate with them even after the scheme has ended. Staying in touch with and rewarding loyal customers is a ‘must have’ for every hospitality now.

“The pandemic has obviously dealt a huge blow to the hospitality sector, but we should not pretend the crisis has passed. It is really important that businesses take a smarter approach in the way they nurture their regulars to ensure steady revenue.”

Embargo is a loyalty platform (app + CRM) that allows restaurants, bars, and cafes (as well as beverage brands) to recognise and reward their customers through the use of pioneering technology. Our goal is to create the smoothest and most rewarding relationship between hospitality guests and businesses. Our partners use Embargo to:

- Increase their customer retention rates by creating customised loyalty rewards schemes

- Establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers, and increase their average spending

- Multiply their footfall thanks to online and in-app promotion

- Gain access to a clear overview of their customer analytics to improve their marketing strategy efficiency

- Focus on service and outsource technological know-how

Our app users benefit by:

- Getting rewarded at their favourite venues

- Great user experience through hassle-free tap and automatic check-in technology

- Having all their favourite venues schemes in one app

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