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Artisan pasta at its very best – CuisinEquip brings largest pasta maker to market

Renowned the world over, Bottene has been leading the way in the development and manufacture of professional pasta making machines for more than 140 years. Now, in a move that will allow even the largest site to produce authentic, homemade pasta, CuisinEquip, has launched the PM120 – a machine with an impressive capacity of up to 50kg per hour.

Ideal for production facilities and large kitchens with a high turnover, the Bottene PM120 is robust, reliable and simple to use. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, the unit features a double-tank for continuous production, while a unique water-cooling system built into the extrusion pipe regulates temperature for improved pasta quality and consistency.

Constructed with an 8kg dough tank, operators simply add their dry ingredients directly to the hopper and switch on the machine before adding the remaining ingredients to the machine. A 14kg extrusion tank achieves the optimum consistency. A plastic or wooden tray and stand with integral fan cools the pasta after extrusion and helps to prevent the product from sticking. Each machine comes as standard with 1 bronze die of the operator’s choice (the range includes 70 different pasta shapes) and an automatic cutter system for short pasta. For the ultimate artisanal pasta experience, bespoke dies can be created by request.

Taking many of the familiar features found in the smaller units in the range, the Bottene PM120 allows an operator to produce a wide range of pasta using individual recipes, ingredients and shapes quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively. Suitable for use with any type of flour including durum wheat, semolina, soft wheat or whole wheat and recipes with or without eggs, the PM120 delivers versatility to a kitchen.

The simple design of the appliance ensures effortless cleaning and maintenance thanks to an easy to remove mixer and extrusion auger, while instinctive switches and control buttons allow the unit to be used by any member of staff. A mobile pasta tray trolley with space for up to 15 pasta trays, can be supplied along with a range of other accessories to compliment the machine if required.

As the exclusive distributor of Bottene equipment in the UK & Ireland, CuisinEquip offers a complete range of professional pasta making equipment. Steve Elliott, Sales Director at Valentine & CuisinEquip comments:

“The Bottene PM120 offers an effective solution to those looking to produce authentic, homemade pasta on a large scale. Featuring many of the benefits of the smaller models, including quality components and a simple, easy to use design, the PM120 has an impressive output of up to 50kg of fresh pasta per hour.

Ideal for those sites with a high turnover, or for those looking to produce fresh pasta for sale on site, the unit delivers a fantastic consistency using virtually any recipe. What’s more, a choice of more than 70 quality bronze dies and the option for custom made dies if required, allow operators to produce pasta in almost any shape and size imaginable.”

As a brand, Bottene started way back in 1875, when Italian, Francesco Bottene applied for a royal patent for a ‘new machine for making pasta at home.’ Known as Italy’s best kept secret for more than a century, Bottene pasta makers did not begin to be exported until the 1970’s, when the company’s first exports quickly gained an international reputation. Today, Bottene pasta makers can be found the world over, used daily by top chefs to create wonderful, fresh, authentic Italian pasta.

For more information on the Bottene PM120, please visit or call +44 (0) 118 957 1344

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