New research reveals what Brits expect from a ‘perfect’ burger, ahead of what’s set to be a busy bank holiday for the nation’s restaurants

Extended-life bakery brand Baker Street has revealed what the perfect burger looks like, according to burger lovers nationwide. In an average month, Brits are eating three burgers a month, which bodes well for restaurants and chains across the UK looking to recoup last year’s lost sales.

The formula for the perfect burger as informed by the Baker Street research, includes one type of cheese, two sauces, two patties, two salad items and one additional filling such as a grilled mushroom or hash brown.

What’s more, this substantial stack is to be encased in a white bun, with more than half the country (56 per cent) opting for a white burger bun over and above any other bun.

Chris McLaughlin, Commercial Director at St Pierre Groupe which owns the Baker Street brand, said: “Everyone loves a burger and it’s a staple on our restaurant menus, but clearly there are a lot of ways it can be done wrong.

“People have their preference of bun, meat and additional fillings and the options really are endless. Four of the top seven concerns around how to make a burger are centred on the bread – which proves to us that a great burger starts with a great bun.”

It seems people prefer traditional flavours as beef, cheddar cheese and ketchup all make up the ideal burger. This combination sees the average adult enjoy more than 1,500 in their lifetime.

The research also looked at the different ways people across the country choose to enjoy their food. For 13 per cent of the nation, burgers should be eaten using a knife and fork. Other finger food was also highlighted as requiring cutlery with 37 per cent using tools for pizza, 23 per cent for chicken wings and 13 per cent needing help with hotdogs and toasties.

The study also found of the 87 per cent who eat their burgers by hand, 56 per cent said doing so is part of the experience of having a burger and 29 per cent believe it tastes nicer when eaten that way.

A further 22 per cent even enjoy the mess it makes. But those who use cutlery worry the fillings will fall out and their mouth isn’t big enough to bite into it. A third even dissect a burger before eating it, by removing the top piece of the bun and eating the meat separately.

Baker Street’s McLaughlin added: “What’s clear from this research is that the Classic Burger Bun is here to stay. At Baker Street we believe buns should be built for burgers and it looks like most of the country agree with us.

“We’ve compiled a burger map of Britain online, so you can see how best to cater to your customers. That said, whether your chefs are smothering on 20 sauces or opting to dish up a burger sandwich, Baker Street is always there – however you serve yours.”

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