Blakeman’s Meatballs - Superfast, Versatile and Very Tasty

For almost 70 years, the Blakeman family have been producing high quality sausage and meat products. The business has gone from strength to strength and has grown considerably over the years but has never lost their reputation and ethos for producing quality products.

The most notable in their product repertoire being the humble catering sausage, which has been a mainstay for the business since the 1970’s and has remained a firm favourite menu staple for chip shops and catering outlets ever since.

Fast forward to today and that same determination to provide prevails, with the team at Blakemans constantly expanding their portfolio of products which now include a vast range of goods from stuffing balls and pigs in blankets (the perfect accompaniments to a traditional Sunday roast) to pork patties, ideal to help the catering industry to capitalise on the breakfast ‘on-the-go’ market.

James Morris of Blakemans said ‘we are constantly looking to expand our ranges, working closely with our customers to identify their wants and needs and ensuring that the products that we create are something to be proud of, loved by clients and consumers alike. The main criteria that we have been looking at in our on-site product development suite is ensuring that all of our products are of the quality expected from Blakemans, that they perform consistently, are mess, fuss and waste free, easy to prepare and provide a quick turn-around service for our customers’

The variety of products is a key indicator to Blakemans dedication to support the ever-changing market and be the go-to provider for their loyal customers, whom they have been particularly thankful for over the past months.

One such product is the long-standing Italian style meatballs, a staple amongst our range that is prized for its versatility, consistency, quality and of course the flavour.

These delicacies are a real multitasking mainstay, suitable for multiple applications in any menu. Picture them swirled through a steamy bowl of pasta or crumbled on top of a pizza, stuffed inside of a New York style meatball sandwich or packed into a snack pot with a dollop of dipping sauce for a lunch time treat. And not forgetting that they are the perfect addition to a children’s menu, guaranteed to go down well with the little ones! The limit to their application is endless.

Blakemans take pride in their no mess, no waste, no fuss mantra and ensure this in every product that they create. Their meatballs are designed to be reheated and served quickly straight from the freezer, perfect for a super-fast service. This ensures that they are suitable for all areas of catering, making a busy service, mass gatherings and small dinner parties equally as easy to prepare for.

James Morris went on to say ‘our clients are the reason that we are here, so we’re eager to do anything that we can do to help make their jobs easier and their customers happier. Our range of meatballs alongside our patties, pigs in blankets, sliced sausages and of course our pre-cooked sausages are all ways that we are responding to help them to meet their challenges head on’

To view their range of products, visit their website:

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