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Carpigiani Delivers A Dream Machine Introducing The V-Dream

Carpigiani UK announces the new V-Dream, ‘plug and play’ with the V-Dream and create a continuous supply of frozen cocktails/drinks.

This visually stunning machine creates impact and talkability with its sleek appearance and colour change LED sequence; for unbeatable performance, consistent delivery of frozen cocktails, ease of use and sustainability the V-Dream is the perfect addition to a business.

According to CGA, “On Premise cocktail sales were worth £664m in the first quarter of 2022—an impressive 8% more than in the first quarter of 2020” and it is this continuous growth that has prompted the team at Carpigiani to bring the V-Dream to the UK hospitality market.

Paul Ingram, Managing Director at Carpigiani UK explains more,

“We’ve seen incredible growth for cocktails within the UK and notably frozen cocktails that can be easily and quickly dispensed. With cocktail bars opening all over the country, a machine like the V-Dream is a quick and easy way to drive sales and profit. Added to this, the V-Dream offers the ‘theatre’ that cocktail lovers enjoy with its LED display, it lights up a venue and stands out, drawing attention. For operators looking for a fast return and an easy entry into the cocktail market, the V-Dream is the answer.”

Featuring Carpigiani’s exclusive vertical ventilation technology, the V-Dream can be installed without clearance space and at only 40cm wide it offers unbeatable performance and results as well as a stunning design. The direct drive cylinder mixer motor and brushless hopper mixer motor deliver improved efficiencies, and reliability as well as reducing noise output making the V-Dream ideal for front of house positions. With the Carpigiani QR code on the front of the machine, operators can easily access the latest product information, care kit and cleaning information, and it connects to Teorema, Carpigiani’s online portal that provides analysis of usage, efficiency, cleaning cycles and even alerts the operator to any potential malfunctions, while also allowing dedicated Carpigiani engineers remote diagnostic support when required. The renowned Carpigiani installation and training package comes as standard and should any help with recipes or mix be required, Carpigiani are on hand to assist.

Combining usability and sustainability, the high capacity machine is incredibly easy to use. Simply pour the chosen cocktail mixture into the 18l hopper, press to create, and after only 20 minutes, serve a perfectly frozen drink. Supplying 125 x 400ml servings per hour, the V-Dream delivers frozen drinks within an impressive 20 minutes of initial start-up and then offers continuous supply at a perfect consistency by simply topping up the hopper. Running from a 13amp plug, the V-Dream is perfect for a countertop, front of house and is ready to go to create additional profit for any operation looking to offer frozen cocktails/drinks.

For more information on the Carpigiani V-Dream or for details of the Carpigiani range, please visit or call 01432 346018

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