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Convotherm Launches The New Mini

GUILDFORD, UK - The new Convotherm mini combi oven is a true all-rounder with great performance and increased versatility from a compact footprint of just 51.5cm wide. Hard working, low water and energy consumption, and cloud-based networking make the Convotherm mini an appliance of the future, available now.

The intuitive 7’’ TFT Hi-Res touch display is as easy to use as a smartphone, ensuring it’s suitability for all kitchen staff to be able to use it quickly and easily with minimal training. And with its ability to replace other kitchen equipment such as fryers, microwaves, grills, and toasters, the Convotherm mini is a multitasker that all kitchens need. Available in three sizes, 6.06, 6.10 and 10.10, and over ten variants, including the mini mobile for beer gardens, food trucks or outdoor events, the Convotherm mini offers maximum opportunities for every type of kitchen.

Compact (just 51.5cm wide), flexible (for all types of kitchen from pubs to ghost kitchens, fine dining to takeaways), digital (with Wi-Fi connectivity and access to Welbilt’s KitchenConnect), and sustainable (low water and energy consumption plus easy servicing), the Convotherm mini is a real all-rounder, for maximum creativity from the smallest space.

Featuring many of the attributes of its larger siblings (Convotherm maxx pro and maxx), the mini still delivers Convotherm’s renowned 4 function management systems which assure the

perfect cooking climate for any type of food with Climate Management, optimal solutions for the best results with Quality Management, smart technology for efficient processes with Production Management and effortless cleanliness and uncompromising hygiene with ConvoClean Cleaning Management.

Steve Hemsil, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at Welbilt, believes this is a true leap forward for compact cooking,

“The new Convotherm mini has been specially designed to meet the challenges of small spaces or small kitchens. It was important to us that the compact all-rounder has the same innovative features as its larger Convotherm siblings maxx pro and maxx. Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud-based remote access make the Convotherm mini a highly innovative combi steam oven that meets the tough demands of today’s kitchens.”

For further information on the Convotherm mini or any of our other products, please visit, or

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