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CuisinEquip expands range with high capacity LightFry

Having initially launched LightFry, the innovative commercial air fryer in the UK at the Casual Dining Show 2021, CuisinEquip has responded to soaring customer demand, by introducing the more powerful, High Capacity LightFry to its portfolio.

Due to a combination of continually increasing oil costs and a drive for healthier, more sustainable menus, many caterers are now looking for suitable alternatives to traditional deep-fat frying. Using innovative technology and a combination of steam, hot air and rotation, LightFry cooks food with the same great taste, texture and consistency of an oil-based fryer. This has the potential to achieve a healthier menu which is also better for the environment and eliminates the need to purchase cooking oil.

The new LightFry High Capacity (HC) offers a greater output of 32kg/hour (up from 22kg/hour in the standard unit) and can produce 600g of French fries in just 3:00 – 4:00 minutes. A capacity of 200g – 2.5kg makes the unit ideal for high footfall sites and those looking to cook multiple menu items in a short space of time. Using a more powerful fan, the HC unit achieves the same great consistency to deliver an increased output and quicker cook times.

In addition to the ongoing cost and health benefits, LightFry technology also offers significant time savings. Using a closed oven design, the unit can preserve the cooking temperature, reducing wasted energy and eliminating recovery times. Labour savings are generated after use too, thanks to an integrated automatic wash system. The cleaning cycle can be initiated after a busy shift and left to run overnight.

“Since launching the LightFry Air Fryer in 2021, we’ve seen significant demand from operators who were either not able to have a traditional fryer due to a lack of extraction and ventilation, or those looking for an alternative to oil-frying due to increasing costs. The introduction of the LightFry HC will open up the innovative technology to bigger, busier sites that require greater output and those looking for cook times that are between 15-20% faster than the standard model.”

Steve Elliott, Sales Director at CuisinEquip

Developed by Eatgood in Sweden, LightFry is taking the commercial world by storm. Offering significantly lower operating costs, ongoing labour efficiencies and up to 50% lower energy consumption than conventional equipment. The technology also delivers a better working environment, less emissions and greater safety for operators.

For more information on the LightFry High Capacity, please visit or call +44 (0) 118 957 1344.

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