Entice and surprise with exciting fries!

Everyone loves fries – and oh how they’ll have missed enjoying their favourite food eating out!

So now’s the time for operators to jump on the latest trends, upsell their fries and embrace social distance eating.

Caterers can balance menus, offer value-for-money and maintain interest with exciting potato products from Lamb Weston’s vast, exciting range of quality fries and potato products that are perfect for innovative meal ideas.

While the classic fried potato chip will always be a favourite, the customisation trend and eternal quest for new flavours means operators should offer a variety of exciting fries to tempt customers, boost sales and bring in some much-needed profit.

Upgrade your chip offering and tap into the latest global trends with exciting dishes like ‘loaded’ or ‘dirty’ fries to keep grazers, sharers and snackers happy. A plate of loaded or dirty fries is a ‘one visit to the table dish’ for two sitting opposite each other. Simple, sociable and delicious!

Channel global trends with Tijuana Fries – place Lamb Weston Connoisseur Rustic Fries in a shallow bowl and sprinkle on grated cheese to lightly cover all the Fries, then melt cheese either under the grill or in an oven for 3-5 mins. Remove from heat and spoon on chilli beef, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and finally top with some sliced green jalapeños and red peppers before serving.

For a more homely feel, try Cheddar and Bacon Dipping Fries – cook Lamb Weston StealthTM Skin-On Fries and place in serving dish. Add salt & pepper while warm then drizzle on some ranch salad dressing. Cover Fries in cheese, fry chunks of lean bacon for one minute then scatter over the dish. Grill for five minutes or until the cheese melts.

DUKES are hot – and classy!

Another hot trend is fries with an authentic look and hand-cut appearances. “Operators should give the impression they have cut their chips themselves in the kitchen, even when it’s not the case,” says Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s Country Marketing Manager UK & ROI.

A prime example is Lamb Weston’s latest launch The DUKES. Proper pub chips, made from 100% British potatoes, The DUKES are super tasty, irregularly thick-cut to appear homemade and distinctive in character.

In a consumer test^ almost 40% declared their love of chips as a side, more than 60% said they prefer skin-on in a pub, and a whopping 72% said they are willing to pay a bit more in a pub for a British sourced product. The most important attributes of a chip were cited as having a crispy outside, being thick cut with a fluffy inside and a having a hand-cut appearance.

The DUKES have feathered golden edges, a richly rewarding taste, and are beautifully crispy on the outside – even though they’re non-coated – fluffy on the inside. Available with skin-off and skin-on, they’re endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, with an above average rating, and are Red Tractor certified and gluten free. Destined to take pub and bar menus by storm, The DUKES are distinctively natural, gloriously golden, royally rustic, thick-cut chips.

With chips this good, one can see why the British started queuing!

Sweet profit!

With the trends towards healthy eating (three-quarters of industry leaders expect healthy eating offerings to grow the fastest over the next 3–5 years [MCA]), and also for exciting flavours and dishes from around the world, ever-adaptable potatoes are the answer.

And that includes the on-trend sweet potato. A little different, a little tastier, seen as a superfood, so a little better for you. Lamb Weston has a huge variety of sweet potato products, from a range of mash, to savoury seasoned sweet potato fries and CrissCuts®.

Combine the popular pulled pork and barbecue trends with sweet potato magic to keep your customers coming back for more. To make BBQ Pulled Pork Sweet Potato CrissCuts – place cooked Lamb Weston Sweet Potato CrissCuts in a serving dish. Cover CrissCuts in freshly prepared shredded hot cooked pulled pork. Sprinkle with salt and drizzle with BBQ sauce before serving.

Tempt vegetarians with Sweet Potato CrissCuts Gratinated with Blue Cheese – place cooked Lamb Weston Sweet Potato CrissCuts in a bowl and top with the gorgonzola cheese. Place under the grill until the cheese is slightly melted then remove from the heat. Garnish with a pinch of fresh parsley and serve.

^ Consumer survey, 9th September 2019, London. 42kg of chips sampled with 310 consumers

For innovative ideas, recipes and potato inspiration, head over to www.lambweston.eu/uk , call 0800 963962 or email us at salesUK@lambweston.eu

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