Great Tasting Chicken Needs Great Ingredients

The Southern Fried Chicken range of ingredients from Fast Food Systems is one of the most popular and well-known ingredients ranges in the industry. Created back in the 70s by our founder and improved and added to over time, the range includes the iconic Southern Fried Breading which is known for quality and flavour, and with the addition of a little Southern Fried Chicken Lemon Pepper is simply a tasty treat found in takeaways and chippys up and down the country. Southern Fried ingredients are made from natural ingredients, our original lemon pepper is coarsely ground and infused with real lemon essence for a flavour that delights everybody.

The fascinating back story to our brand sees our founder Arthur Withers travelling the southern states of the USA seeking out new tastes and ideas for what, back then, was the burgeoning concept of fast food. The USA was well ahead of us and fast food had yet to truly arrive in the UK so it made sense to visit its birthplace for inspiration. Arthur understood that this unique taste, coupled with its innovative cooking process was something that the UK market would embrace and he decided to introduce this to his already growing business. After a trip along the Mississippi in a paddle steamer, the brand was born. Over the years the range has grown, adding different flavours and styles of coatings. Fast Food Systems now offers over 25 standard products, as well as bespoke products for export and specific markets, but the core range remains the same offering a combination of great value and great taste as well as some flexibility for the independent operator. Never one to stand still the Southern Fried Chicken range has grown with the addition of twelve Piri Piri ingredients including the very popular Piri Piri Marinade, Piri Piri salt for seasoning fries, five different basting sauces and five finishing sauces in lemon and herb, mild, hot, extra hot and mango and lime, catering for the cautious to the daring.

Over the years the Southern Fried Chicken brand has grown and can be found around the world supported by our great range of ingredients, purpose-built equipment and hard-won expertise. If you just want to pick up a bag of breading or design and install a whole new restaurant, Fast Food Systems have the talent and the skills to deliver.

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