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Kerrymaid Vegan Slice makes the cut

Veganuary may be coming to a close for another year, but its effects are likely to be felt long after January as many consumers stick with their pledge of incorporating

more plant-based dishes into their diets.

To help professional kitchens adapt their menus to attract this growing market all year round, Kerrymaid has developed a Vegan Slice, a high quality and great-tasting dairy-free alternative to a cheese slice.

The perfect toppings to plant-based burgers, sandwiches and paninis, the slices have the same texture, melt and cohesion as a dairy processed slice, ensuring vegan customers have as delicious a meal as anyone else. For ease of use and speed of service, the slices are easy peel and melt consistently.

Vegetarian Society ‘Vegan’ approved, Kerrymaid’s Vegan Slice is also gluten free and comes with 56 slices in a pack.

Enabling professional kitchens to expand their plant-based and free-from menus further, Kerrymaid offers Sunflower Light and Kerrymaid Spread Block, dairy-free alternatives to butter that are perfect for spreading over baked goods and breads. Kerrymaid 0800 138 1938

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