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Lakeland Dairies unveils new luxury Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix

With a heritage of excellence in the soft serve ice-cream, dairy experts Lakeland Dairies are excited to launch brand new and luxurious, Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix. This fabulous addition to the Comelle range is expected to appeal to operators seeking to further elevate their desserts and offer consumers sensational creations.

Introducing Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix

New Lakeland Dairies Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix is lovingly made with milk and cream from Lakeland Dairies Co-Operatives farms. These ingredients combine to give a super creamy flavour profile with a very special luxurious creamy taste. Ideal to capitalise on current trends for premium desserts.

Luxury soft serve ice cream

Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix is the perfect ingredient for operators to create luxurious ice cream cones, tubs, desserts, and sundaes with. Jean Cattanach, Marketing Controller Lakeland Dairies explains. “Demand for high-quality, flavoursome desserts continues to rise and Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix has been expertly crafted to help operators easily create high-quality cones and elevate desserts. Soft serve ice cream is unique in that it can only be enjoyed out of home, and the luxuriousness of Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix means operators can easily create stand-out desserts which offer high profit margins.”

Comelle soft serve for every business

Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix joins the popular Comelle family of ice cream mixes. This includes heritage Comelle Ice Cream mix and a new plant based Comelle Vegan Ice Cream Mix.

Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix is available in 12 x 1L packs and is available now from wholesalers, priced from £29.19 for a case of 12 x 1L.

Comelle Dairy Ice Cream Mix replaces Lakeland Dairies SpringCool Ice Cream Mix.


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