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Let them eat ambient cake!

Belgian bakery specialists Pidy have expanded their innovative dessert portfolio with their new ambient sponge sheets.

Available in neutral or cocoa, the sponge sheets benefit from an ambient shelf life of over four months – and can also be frozen to extend longevity and provide greater convenience. This makes them ideal for quickly creating mouth-watering desserts.

Thanks to their subtle taste, the neutral sponge sheets can even be used to complement savoury dishes as canapés, or sandwich style tapas – whilst also being sweet enough to act as the perfect vessel for traditional sweet toppings.

The cocoa sponge sheets are equally versatile, whether operators want to create an indulgent chocoholic dream, or utilise the current trend of pairing chocolate with tart, citrus fruit. The flexible sheets can be shaped into a variety of extraordinary shapes, whilst remaining light, yet dense and indulgent in texture.

Fabien Levet, Commercial Director at Pidy UK is excited to add the new products to Pidy’s range;

“We’re delighted to be able to offer operators even more convenience with our ambient sponge sheets. They’re versatile enough to be used with a range of fantastic

flavours, whether that’s sweet or savoury. It’s also a great staple to have on hand all year-round, as operators can adapt the toppings to get the best out of seasonal tastes.”

The ambient sponge sheets join their frozen counterparts, which are available in neutral, and choco – while Pidy’s frozen joconde sheets are available in neutral, choco and nut, raspberry, and pistachio. Joconde’s are defined by their use of whole eggs and confectionary sugar, compared to sponge sheets’ use of egg whites and granulated sugar – making the sponge sheets fluffier and sweeter. Both the frozen sheets and joconde have a frozen shelf life of 12 months. Defrosted in a matter of hours, the sheets then guarantee quality for up to 48 hours.

For more information on the Pidy range, please visit or call 01604 705666.

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