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Loaded fries, dirty fries…

whatever you want to call them, chips as we know and love them have been somewhat transformed thanks to our friends across the pond in the US, who introduced the trend for what’s essentially next level cheesy chips!

BY Ryan Baker, Sales Manager, Middleton Foods

The option to sell chips with toppings is a great, creative way for chip shops to offer something which sets them apart from their competition – palates and consumer expectations are changing, and this style of offering on a menu can really help captivate consumers and encourage them to try something different. The concept is simple really, so upgrading your menu to offer such an item isn’t particularly difficult; whether they’re sold as a meal, accompaniment or side dish.

Using the chip as a base – whether it’s a thinner French fry; a heartier triple-cooked chip; or a waffle-style lattice potato – it’s all about what you do with the potato to make it have that added appeal. We have several products which perfectly accompany chips to help operators embrace the trend and upsell a standard chip portion. Our innovative range of Gluten Free Chip Seasonings is a fantastic way to add excitement to chips. With a choice of three flavours to choose from – Piri Piri, Smokey or Chinese Salt & Chilli – the flavours are authentic tasting and really add a little something to menus. They’re a great way to add a global flavour profile – take the Piri Piri Gluten Free Chip Seasoning for example, which is a carefully blended mix of salts and spices that delivers an authentic Portuguese taste.

Pre-blended to ensure quality and consistency, these simple-to-use tubs of seasonings add a bespoke twist to chips, which customers will love. What’s more, as the name suggests, the range is gluten free; so suitable for people with coeliac disease. With demand for gluten free foods continuing to grow, by choosing to use products made by Middleton Foods operators can be assured of their dedication and commitment to food quality, safety and responsibility as they cater for an increasing number of consumers who have specific dietary requirements. All seasonings are made in the UK at our gluten free production facility. Each product is certified by Coeliac UK. The collection of seasonings is also free from GM materials and artificial colours, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Piri Piri Gluten Free Chip Seasoning is available in a 2kg tub, with both the Smokey and Chinese Salt & Chilli Gluten Free Chip Seasonings available in 2.5kg tubs.

For sauces, our new Cheese Sauce is a versatile product and is ideal for maximising sales. Use for dirty fries, cheesy chips or simply as a staple sauce for a variety of menu options; such as a pour-over sauce for burgers and Southern Fried Chicken. Made with natural colours and flavours, the Cheese Sauce has a rich savoury, buttery flavour. It’s simple to make just by adding water to the mix and bringing to the boil; and its consistency can be adjusted to make it a thicker or thinner sauce, depending on preference. Hold in a bain marie for ease of use.

For more information on Middleton Foods, please visit or call +44 (0)1902 608122.

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