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Pep up Your Pizza and Pasta!

PEPPADEW® Showcases Sweet Piquanté Peppers and

PEPPADEW® Bites at the European Pizza and Pasta Show

PEPPADEW®, the UK’s No.1 pepper brand exhibited at the European Pizza and Pasta Show with its world famous Piquanté Peppers and introducing its latest innovation, new PEPPADEW® Bites.

With authenticity at the heart of the ingredient brand, PEPPADEW® was excited to give visitors the opportunity to taste the exceptional flavours of PEPPADEW®, discover the versatility of its products and learn about the endless possibilities for menus.

The highlight of the showcase were the famous PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers, recognised for their distinct, sweet and tangy taste. These satisfyingly crunchy whole peppers have become a go-to ingredient for pizza and pasta enthusiasts everywhere. Visitors to the stand were able to discover how PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers can elevate culinary creations, from classic Italian dishes to innovative fusion recipes.

Speaking about the show, Lukasz Lubasinski, Commercial Director at PEPPACO Ltd. said.

“We were excited to come to Olympia this June and share the great taste of PEPPADEW®! Our Whole Sweet Piquanté Peppers are a revolutionary addition for professional kitchens, helping operators to bring new interest without the need for a complete menu overhaul.

“Just as importantly, they maintain the authenticity consumers have come to know and expect from pizza and pasta offerings. Each pepper is selected and deseeded by hand then infused through our bespoke pickling process. The result is a signature flavour that’s undeniably tasty and will enhance any dish.”

In addition, PEPPADEW® was excited to introduce its latest innovation, PEPPADEW® Bites. These delectable crispy bites are an irresistible combination of the signature sweet whole Piquanté Pepper and a creamy West Country Soft Cheese filling, encased in a crisp, panko-style crumb. Designed to tantalise the taste buds and ready to serve in minutes, PEPPADEW® Bites offer a convenient and delicious option for a variety of dining occasions, from starters and small plates to premium bar snacks and sharing platters.

Best of all PEPPADEW® Bites present a valuable opportunity to drive profit margins, as more than half of consumers would pay a higher price for PEPPADEW® Bites compared to jalapeno poppers. Each 5kg case delivers a significant £200 return, ensuring a lucrative boost. Furthermore, their frozen format and impressive 18-month shelf life will contribute to waste reduction, helping operators align with their sustainability goals.

Lukasz Lubasinski continues,

“Our PEPPADEW® Bites are the exciting, premium option you and your customers have been looking for, in fact 87% of consumers would buy them if they saw them on menu ! In one step, you can meet the demand for four core consumer food trends – vegetarian, indulgent, excellent value of money – and most importantly taste!

“Through our entire foodservice range PEPPADEW® is committed to delivering exceptional quality. We are excited to demonstrate just how PEPPADEW® can support businesses and the team look forward to welcoming visitors to the stand.”

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