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PitaPot: The Evolution of Flatbreads and the Birth of a New Bun

In the world of sandwiches and street food, innovation is always Welcome

Introducing PitaPot, a groundbreaking product that combines the convenience of a pita bread with the portability of a container. Developed by CHASIOTIS SA, one of Greece’s leading flatbread manufacturers, PitaPot is set to revolutionize the way we enjoy our favorite handheld meals.

CHASIOTIS SA, established in 1980, boasts a rich heritage and a global presence, exporting its flatbreads to over 30 countries worldwide. With their extensive experience, they have mastered the art of flatbread production and have now created an ingenious product that takes the concept to new heights.

The production technology behind PitaPot was developed in-house, showcasing the innovative spirit of CHASIOTIS SA. The result is a fully-baked flatbread dough, soft and fluffy, shaped like an edible pot. The PitaPot is open only on one side, with toasted internal and external wall surfaces. This unique design creates the perfect “nest” for doner kebab, gyros, pulled pork, and other street food sandwiches that are known for their generous fillings and delicious sauces.

The shape of the PitaPot, along with the thickness of the dough walls and the toasted internal surfaces, ensures an efficient and mess-free way of holding food. The internally toasted dough walls act as a barrier, preventing liquid from penetrating and keeping the fillings securely contained. Especially, PitaPot addresses the limitations found in the pita bread/pita pocket category. It eliminates the need to use a knife to open a half-moon pita pocket and overcomes the issue of thin walls that can’t accommodate ‘heavy’ fillings and sauces. This innovation not only enhances the eating experience but also reduces the risk of drips and spills commonly associated with traditional sandwich carriers.

PitaPot can be considered an evolution of flatbreads, introducing a new level of convenience and portability. By combining the characteristics of a pita bread and a container, CHASIOTIS SA has created a self-contained meal option that caters to our busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

While PitaPot represents a specific application of flatbreads, it exemplifies the innovative ways in which this traditional bread can adapt to meet modern needs and preferences. Its unique design and functionality make it a truly versatile and practical option, surpassing sliced bread, flatbreads, folded flatbreads, baguettes, wraps, and paninis in terms of ease of use and convenience.

Furthermore, PitaPot’s appeal extends beyond its innovative design. It is a fully baked product that is vegan and sugar-free, catering to diverse dietary preferences. To enjoy a PitaPot, simply heat it, on both sides, on a grill or a non-stick frying pan for approximately 2 minutes. There is no need to heat the hollowed-out interior, as the crumb remains soft and fluffy, ready to be filled with your favorite ingredients.

Recognizing the uniqueness and potential of PitaPot, the product is protected by registered designs in the European Union and the United Kingdom. It has also secured its place as a European Union Trade Mark (EUTM), ensuring its distinction in the market.

PitaPot is a game-changer for both the foodservice and retail sectors. It offers a simple and hassle-free way to create and enjoy mess-free sandwiches. Whether you’re a busy professional grabbing a quick lunch or a street food enthusiast craving an authentic experience, PitaPot delivers on taste, convenience, and innovation.

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