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Fried chicken brand SIDES welcomed Sidemen members ‘JJ’ Olatunji (KSI) and

Harry Lewis (W2S) along to their Market Place Harrow location with the

pair leaving behind boxes of chicken tenders for fans.

The landmark third-physical SIDES location which opened earlier this year in April was recently paid a visit by the YouTube duo.

The two influencers decided to give back to their loyal fans by leaving behind tenders boxes, giving them a taste of SIDES famous game-changing chicken.

SIDES has been developed by the famous YouTube collective, The Sidemen, arguably the most popular and influential content creators in Europe.

On the menu at the Market Place Harrow location, there is Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Chicken Burger and Vegan Chikn Burger. Fans will also be able to experience classics such as waffle fries and all SIDES authentic sauces.

As well as serving up fan favourites at Market Place Harrow, SIDES is also upgrading its fried chicken coating method to bring a crispier and harder-hitting punch of flavour to its delicious food.

SIDES at Market Place Harrow is available in store and on delivery. The fried chicken brand is currently available to order across London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and the UAE with 60+ virtual sites and three physical outlets, with many more set to open globally by the end of 2023.

Harry Lewis (W2S), The Sidemen, said: “It was great to get the chance to visit our latest restaurant at Market Place Harrow as we look to continue opening more SIDES locations to keep up with the huge demand from fans for our delicious chicken.

“We wanted to give fans an opportunity to taste what we have been cooking up with our new chicken recipe. At SIDES, bringing exciting food to our fans has always been our main goal and we believe that the new SIDES chicken will really be a game-changer on the market.”

Robin Mehta, CEO of SIDES said: “It was amazing to have JJ and Harry down to SIDES at Market Place Harrow to see our latest physical location which brings people of all ages together through the ultimate mix of food and culture in the heart of Harrow town centre.

“We hope fans enjoyed their tenders which are all made with our new fried chicken coating to give an even more flavoursome and crispy taste experience.

“SIDES is always growing and we have some exciting developments coming up in 2023 as we look to ramp up and develop our restaurant portfolio to 200 physical locations and expand our reach in the UK.”


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