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With energy prices at their all time high, it’s more essential than ever to ensure equipment is operating at maximum efficiency to reduce costs. In particular, refrigeration units can be a massive expense, as one of the few pieces of kit which operates 24/7. With over 30 years’ experience, Monika’s temperature monitoring equipment can aid operators, not only in food safety compliance, but also in tracking equipment performance.

A discreet sensor inside the refrigeration unit simulates the temperature of food items for greater accuracy, rather than the air inside the unit. Staff can be nominated to receive alerts should the unit move outside a pre-set safe temperature range; enabling teams to relocate perishable items before they spoil, reducing food waste and unnecessary costs. These alerts also help identify faulty equipment – helping managers address flaws before they become expensive repairs, or make the decision to invest in new, more efficient equipment. Monika’s temperature monitoring systems are also appropriate for use in cold rooms, freezers, and warewashers, so operators can have confidence in their kitchen equipment across the board.

Thanks to Monika’s smart cloud connected system, managers can access the dashboard from any mobile, desktop, or Monika’s handheld PA device – even when offsite. This is ideal for multi-site businesses. The ability to view multiple locations from one system provides insight regarding equipment performance, and identifying potential staff training opportunities, further helping maximise efficiency.

Team members can receive audio and visual task reminders through Monika’s task manager module, ensuring that no hygiene task is missed again. Scheduling regular cleaning of commercial refrigeration units can greatly extend their longevity, further helping minimise operator costs. The fully auditable log means managers are able to view if a task has been completed, when, and by whom – eradicating the potential for human error or miscommunication.

Monika is dedicated to ensuring customers get the most out of our system, which is why a dedicated team of engineers will not only install Monika equipment and provide full training on use and maintenance, but also provide an annual service to ensure equipment longevity and maximum efficiency.

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